Of Random Things #140

I’m running out of topic to blog about so you’ll find me updating about the most random stuffs. I am currently in the mid of the second season of Chicago Med and decided to take a break from it by resuming with Ruler – Master of The Mask which I had abandoned previously when I found Chicago Med.

There were a few new Korean drama series released recently and I am currently downloading them episodes by episodes. So, here’s the list of Korean drama series which I had been downloading on weekly basis.

The Great Seducer

A Poem A Day

Welcome to Waikiki

Radio Romance


Grand Prince

There were a few more in the list but these were the ones that I could come up with. Aside from Korean drama series, I downloaded a fair share of Chinese and Taiwanese too. I prefer watching Korean series over Taiwanese as they complete airing quicker. Korean series are aired two episodes per week while it is only an episode per week for Taiwanese.

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