29042018 / Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe

I had breakfast alone at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe yesterday morning as I wanted to get some hair care products from Winmark at The Mall. Most of the Winmark outlets which I usually frequent had closed down and the outlets left were not much at the moment. They ran out of my usual brand of hair care product and I had to resort to another brand for a temporary fix.

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe was almost half packed when I walked into the cafe but managed to get a table for two a table away from the dessert table. I already had in mind what I wanted to order for breakfast but couldn’t find it on their menu. I thought it was an off season item so I ordered something else. It turned out that the item wasn’t printed on their menu but written on the blackboard by the wall.

Orange, Apple, Carrot | B$6.00

Ever since I had my Cafe Latte from Cake Rush last Sunday, I had been craving for coffee. However, I decided to eat clean by ordering myself a glass of freshly pressed juice of my favorite combinations.

I requested for no ice so that it won’t be too cold to drink on an empty stomach. The juice was refreshing and sweet. I suppose the sweetness came from the apples and oranges. I couldn’t taste much of the carrots though so the juice didn’t taste that raw to me.

Salmon Avo Smash | B$12.90

served with eggs (poached, sunny side-up or scrambled), smashed avocado, smoked salmon and sourdough toast

A close-up look of my breakfast. Instead of being served with fresh greens as side, they served a mixture of fruits consisted of slices of oranges, apples and watermelon. My breakfast came with two slices of toasted sourdough bread topped with smoked salmon, smashed avocado, eggs of choice and few stalks of baby asparagus.

I liked the texture of the sourdough bread. It was crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. The smoked salmon was salty in my opinion but paired well with the fillings. As mentioned above, you can choose how the eggs are to be done. I had mine poached. However, I find that the egg yolks weren’t runny enough for my liking. All in all, it was a filling breakfast with a healthy touch.

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe
Unit 8, Block H, 1ST & 2ND Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457886

Of Random Things #147

I had finally completed watching The Negotiator this morning. The story line was surprisingly a lot nicer than what I expected. I didn’t expect much from Mainland productions to be honest as I am not familiar with the actors/actresses.

Love O2O

Love O2O was one of the popular Mainland productions in 2016, I think? Not sure how it would turn out but let’s hope it would be as good as The Negotiator. Found two nice and soothing OST from both The Negotiator and Love O2O.

想遇见一个人 – 曾咏熙

盲目自信 – 郁可唯

28042018 / Pureland Vegetarian House

Went dinner with two of my colleagues yesterday evening after work. Our first choice was Bee Hwa Restaurant in Kiulap but the restaurant was so packed. There wasn’t even one table vacant. Most of their roasted menu were sold out as well. So, we went for vegetarian food at Pureland Vegetarian House located a few shops away from Bee Hwa Restaurant.

My colleagues and I were trying to cut down on gluten intake so we went minimal with food that contains wheat. But what’s vegetarian cuisine without wheat products? LOL! We didn’t order any drinks but ordered plain water only. I brought my own drinking water stored in a thermal flask. We ordered everything in the smallest portion and they fed the three of us just fine.

Sweet & Sour Fish | B$6.00

The mock fish, made of wheat and wrapped in seaweed was good. It tasted almost like a real fish. Aside from the mock fish, this dish came with generous portion of greens too! The pineapples were sweet and I wondered if they used store bought canned pineapples.

Claypot Taufu | B$6.00

The three of us contemplated between Sizzling Taufu and Claypot Taufu. We settled for the latter as the former may be too heaty. We regretted and thought we should have gone for Japanese Tofu instead. Reason being the deep fried beancurd in our Claypot Taufu weren’t the freshest and tasted tad sour.

Stir Fry Hong Kong Kailan | B$4.00

We had a hard time deciding which vegetable dish to order. I wanted Stir Fry Eggplants but it wasn’t something that I would eat for dinner though. So, we resorted to a simple Stir Fry Hong Kong Kailan topped with crunchy bites that almost resembled garlic.

Fried Rice with Egg | B$3.50

We ordered two plates of white rice in the first place. But when we saw the next table of patrons having this, we decided to order one to share among the three of us. We loved it. The rice weren’t wet but grainy. The mock pork luncheon meat was good too. The texture was almost like the real deal.

Pureland Vegetarian House
Unit 15, Block B,
Bangunan Haji Awang Ahmad Bin Awang Hassan & Anak-Anak,
BE3978, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2236503

Review: Superior King, Pullman Miri Waterfront (V.02)

On my last trip to Miri, I stayed at Pullman Miri Waterfront for the sake of convenience and comfort. Ever since Pullman Miri Waterfront had been established in Miri, it would be my first choice of accommodation when staying overnight. Some said the room rate of the said hotel was steep but I personally think the rates are affordable given the room size and location of the hotel. However, I normally don’t stay over the weekend but checking in on Sunday and checking out on Monday.

I had previously did my share of review of Pullman Miri Waterfront on my first stay. If you are interested, click here for a full review. I am well aware that I had reviewed the same room type of the hotel previously. You must be wondering why am I doing the same thing all over again? In general, there were some improvements recently and I spotted some flaws too. They weren’t major ones but could be improved in my opinion.

I love that Pullman Miri Waterfront provided four guest lifts to bring us to our room floor. Some of the hotels which I had previously stayed in only provided two or three guest lifts and it was always a pain on the neck when having to wait for the lift to come especially during breakfast hour.

I like that the corridor outside the hotel rooms were well lit. However, I did realize that it took the housekeepers a long time to collect the dirty plates from room service placed outside the rooms.

I myself didn’t order room service to speak for this. On my previous few stays with Pullman Miri Waterfront, this was what I encountered. I had seen dirty plates placed outside the room when I am on my way out and they were still there as I walked back to my room a few hours later from when I last seen the dirty plates.

I was assigned to Room 1712 this time round. Whenever I booked for hotel rooms via Agoda, I would always request for a non-smoking room on high floor. Some may find staying on high floor catastrophic in the event of emergency. However, I find that solely subjective to personal preference.

Upon opening the door, the sight of a king sized bed greeted me. The room was clean and well maintained. As usual, the TV mounted to the wall would come to “life” shortly after the room key was slotted into the assigned slot next to the door. The bed was comfortable in my opinion but I find the pillows hard. The bigger square ones were softer though.

On the right side of the bed, two USB ports were installed for convenience of gadgets’ charging. As long as you have the cable with you, you are all good. I like the idea of USB ports as I don’t have to bring the charger for all my gadgets. Some of the new hotels which I had previously stayed in had USB ports installed in the hotel rooms.

All rooms came with a study table for guests to do their work. As I am on my own for this trip, I chose to bring along my notebook so that I could do some work when I am staying in the room. I managed to do some office work and also uploaded a few blog entries.

The other side of the TV wall was the dressing wardrobe whereby it came with an ironing board, two bathrobes and some clothes hangers. A safe deposit box and hair dryer were placed inside the cabinet on the left.

I would usually make full use of the safe deposit box to store passports and extra cash. However, I didn’t make use of it this time round as I am afraid that I might leave the items behind when checking out. Just like how I managed to leave my iPad behind at Little Roast Co..

All bathrooms came with a huge water basin counter, equipped with adequate toiletries. However, do take note that the hotel doesn’t provide toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving kit. I had forgotten to bring my own toothpaste this time round so I bought one from a local supermarket. I think they could be requested from the housekeepers but I didn’t do so.

I like that the bathroom came with separate bathtub and overhead shower. I personally dislike having to shower in the bathtub like Meritz Hotel (you can request for rooms with shower cubicle only) and Imperial Hotel. I liked the strong overhead power shower. The water only took a few seconds to heat up.

On the day when I checked in to the hotel room, I didn’t realize that there was no toilet roll provided until the next morning. The housekeeper had missed out the toilet roll when cleaning the room.

On my previous stays, I find that the presser for the water hose was too tight to be pressed on to release the water. As an adult, I had trouble using it and what more for a child? Perhaps the hotel should look into the issue? All hotel rooms came with a digital scale which was placed underneath the wardrobe. I personally preferred it inside the bathroom so I brought it in.

Verdict: Checking in and out were a brisk affair. All I needed to do was to sign on a piece of paper and security deposit for the room wasn’t required at the time of check in. I remembered having to use my credit card for a security deposit of RM100 on my previous stays. However, the lady at the check-in counter told me that no security deposit was required as my room was booked through Agoda.

I had always booked through Agoda on my previous stays and they had always asked for security deposit, be it in the form of cash or credit card. Perhaps Pullman Miri Waterfront had revised their policy when it comes to security deposit when guests booked through third party online hotel provider?

Internet was fast in my opinion as I managed to download a few episodes of some Korean drama series. However, the WiFi kept on dropping on my phone when left idle even for a short period of time. One of the reasons why Pullman Miri Waterfront has always been my first choice of accommodation in Miri was the ample parking space. I don’t have to worry for the lack of parking space as compared to staying at Meritz Hotel or Imperial Hotel whereby the parking spaces were shared among shoppers of the building.

I paid S$67.76 for a Superior King Room at Pullman Miri Waterfront per night through Agoda and redeemed S$6.76 of my gift card for this booking. I would say it is a value for money stay given the convenience of location of the hotel.

Pullman Miri Waterfront
Lot 1347,
Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre,
Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6-085323888

Review: Zitos!, Miri

Alan and I met for lunch last Sunday afternoon at Bintang Megamall. I intended to try out Man Na Seoul Garden located at Centre Point 2 but the said Korean restaurant is only open at 4PM on every Sunday. Second choice in line was FuduBa but Alan mentioned that he preferred dining inside Bintang Megamall on Sundays as the traffic around Bintang Megamall could be horrendous.

The only place which caught my attention was Zitos! as per San Diann’s recommendation when I told him about my dilemma. LOL! Alan agreed with Zitos! too. Prior to going Zitos!, I poured through their menu on their website and was tempted to try their Burritos but ended up not getting in as I had a heavy breakfast at Piato Bistro in the morning.

Zitos!, a pork-free Asian-Fusion fast food restaurant that provides delivery service in within Miri Airport to Lutong area with minimum order requirement at a fee for delivery service. Aside the common fast food chain delivery service like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC, you can now have Asian-Fusion cuisine delivered to your doorstep. Order placement can be done over their website and you can also view real time information of your order on the website too!

Deep Fried Potato Wedges | RM8.90

I contemplated between their Veggies Nachos and Deep Fried Potato Wedges. As you can see, I opted for the latter in the end. When this was being served, Alan commented that the wedges looked rather undercooked. Despite they may look unappealing in apperance or presentation, the potato wedges were well done with a crunchy outer texture and soft on the inside.

“Sous-Vide” Roasted Chicken Rice Set | RM17.40

The price for ala carte “Sous-Vide” Roasted Chicken Rice Set was RM13.90 and we made it a set deal that came with a portion of fries and soda drink. According to Alan, the “Sous-Vide” Roasted Chicken was good. No complaint of his food but the portion was slightly too generous even for Alan who eats quite a lot.

Verdict: I couldn’t vouch for the other food as we didn’t go big with food ordering. However, Alan commented that his Coke wasn’t fizzy at all when he took the first sip. Perhaps they were serving diluted Coke which explained why the lack of “fizzy” in the Coke? When seated, I was being given an order chit to fill in my orders and to proceed to the Cashier counter for food order and payment. Food were served promptly after ordering.

Unit 4.02, Level 4,
Bintang Megamall,
Jalan Miri-Pujut,
MCLD 98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-0102080680
Website: Zitos!