Of Random Things #141

I had finally finished watching Ruler – Master of The Mask. The story line was surprisingly a lot nicer than I anticipated but long. I started watching Longing Heart shortly after I was done with Ruler – Master of The Mask. I liked that it is a short drama series instead of those long and draggy ones.

Longing Heart

According to Wikipedia, Longing Heart is an adaptation of a Korean web-comic of the same title which was released in 2015. Before I started watching Longing Heart, I didn’t set my expectation high but it was surprisingly nicer than I anticipated.

Radio Romance

Added this to my watching list as it had completed airing two weeks ago. I was tempted to start with The Great Seducer as the teasers released on Instagram were good. However, the said drama series is only aired halfway through and I prefer watching completed drama series. LOL!

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