Review: Le Keris

Le Keris has been around for quite some time and it wasn’t on our to try list until recently. Jennifer and I intended to try out another new cafe located around Setia Kenangan 2 at first. However, she later suggested that maybe we should try Le Keris as she had heard good things about the said cafe from friends.

So, off we went for dinner at Le Keris yesterday evening. The cafe wasn’t so crowded at the time but there were two big groups of patrons occupying the tables at the end of the cafe. My first impression of the cafe was local cuisine in fancy presentations. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday.

Asam Boiz | B$3.50

samboi, calamansi juice & soda water

Apple Pie | B$5.00

fresh apple juice, cinnamon tea & crumble

Their choices of cold beverages intrigued me especially this Apple Pie. The name itself had already sounded fancy and what more they had added crumble in the drink. At first thought, it sounded weird but the combination was surprisingly good. My drink came with two cinnamon sticks which the aroma and taste turned more distinctive the more you drank.

Rendang Lasagna | B$11.00

rich braised beef rendang, coconut cream

Jennifer’s choice of dinner. It would be nicer if they have a chicken version for this particular dish. Jennifer quite like what she had when asked. According to her, the beef rendang was nicely braised and flavorful. The texture of the pasta sheets were good. They weren’t soggy and overcooked.

Kari Ayam | B$9.00

chicken roulade, potato stuffed “roti jala”, seasonal vegetables, curry veloute

This was what I had for dinner yesterday. Prior to going to Le Keris, I scrolled through their Instagram profile to check out my potential order for dinner and this Kari Ayam caught my attention.

What I loved the most of this dish? I think it was the curry veloute. It was full of flavors in my opinion. The chicken roulade was good as well and the chefs used the meat from the thigh of a chicken. Hence, the smooth and tender texture.

Tart Nenas | B$6.00

caramelized pineapple ice cream, streusel crumble, pineapple droplets & honey

We saved some tummy space for desserts this time round. The choices for desserts are quite limited in my opinion but this Tart Nenas caught our attention. What’s so special about the desserts at Le Keris is that they serve ordinary local desserts but in a deconstructed way.

The caramelized pineapple ice cream was good but tad sweet in our opinions. We even chewed on the flesh so it was guaranteed made from scratch instead of artificially flavored. The streusel crumble complimented the ice-cream extremely well.

Le Keris
L2/22, First Floor,
Seri Q-Lap Mall,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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