Of Random Things #145

It’s Sunday tomorrow and I am still wondering what I should be doing for the day. I haven’t been baking for quite some time. I think it had been a year or so. Surprisingly, the thought of baking flashed my mind few days ago. Years ago, I find baking extremely therapeutic especially when work had been hectic or stressful.

When I feel stressed whether it was work or personal, I baked even at late nights. As a consequence, I suffered the next day. LOL! However, it was the process of baking which I enjoyed. Beautifully baked cakes gave me a sense of achievement for me. I’m sure you would feel the same too if baking is one of your hobbies. Work hasn’t been stressful recently but the urge to bake was pretty strong.

I had poured over different recipes on the Internet and have yet decided on which recipe to try out tomorrow. I bought a bunch of overripe bananas and I thought of attempting Chocolate Banana Pancakes by Niomi Smart tomorrow morning for breakfast with the almond milk that I bought weeks ago.

When I don’t bake, K-dramas is my way of de-stressing. LOL! Apart from K-dramas, I also download a fair share of Taiwanese series. I even had downloaded some Mainland ones but I had never gotten round to watch them recently. Mom loves Mainland ones though.

The Negotiator

The Negotiator was a production from the Mainland but incorporated a Taiwanese actor. I haven’t started watching the series but I found out that they didn’t use a voice over for the Taiwanese actor. Some of the Mainland productions which I had previously watched used voice overs.

Something in The Rain

Also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. This Korean drama series started off with high ratings on the first episode. I’m not sure what’s the hype about but we shall see if the series lived up to the hypes when it had completed airing.

Iron Ladies

This series had just finished airing yesterday. The good news is that I managed to download all episodes in high definition quality. It wasn’t easy but extremely thankful that seed provider uploaded all episodes in HD quality.

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