Of Random Things #146

I had finally completed watching Radio Romance last Sunday evening. Despite that the storyline was pretty good in my opinion, I kind of understand why there were fans who commented the lack of chemistry in between both leads.

I wondered if it was the age gap issue. However, there were other productions whereby there were huge age gap in between leads and chemistry doesn’t seem to be an issue. Despite so, I’m not in the position to comment anyways.

I had decided to go for a change this time round and started watching Mainland production. I’m starting with The Negotiator after having stopped watching Mainland productions for so many years.

The Negotiator

The Negotiator is a spin-off of Les Interprètes. Both from the same female lead but different male leads. I am currently on the fifth episode and the storyline was pretty good. The reason why I am watching a Mainland production instead of the Korean ones is that I don’t feel like having my eyes glued to the subtitles. I can just listen to the conversations and no need for visuals. LOL!

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