22042018 / Piato Bistro, Miri

I am currently in Miri as I am drafting this blog entry. I drove to Miri without the company of Mom’s this time round as I needed to run some errands early tomorrow morning. I felt like I needed some time alone so I didn’t invite Mom along.

I intended to leave the house by 6:30AM this morning but I ended up leaving at 7:15AM. The journey to Miri was a smooth one as there weren’t much cars on the road. I was surprised to find that there was no queue at all at Sungai Tujoh checkpoint. Immigration clearances at both sides were a brisk affair.

Drove straight to Bintang Megamall to park my car and took the bus to Boulevard area. It had been a while since I last took the bus. Feeling rather nostalgic as it reminded me of my college days in Miri. I was almost starving by the time I reached Piato Bistro. The cafe wasn’t packed at the time I walked in but eventually filled with lots of diners.

Orange & Carrot Juice | RM10.50

Orange & Carrot Juice wasn’t in their menu but you could always request an additional fruit in your juice at an additional charge of RM1.00 per fruit requested. I like the combination of both orange and carrot together.

Mushroom & Spinach Benedict | RM16.90

I didn’t went for full breakfast like Big Brekkie as I already had a lunch arrangement in line with Alan. Ordered myself their Mushroom & Spinach Benedict since it has my favorite food. If you’re expecting a truly authentic Benedict, you might be disappointed.

Instead of English muffins, the toppings were served on halved burger buns. Authenticity aside, I personally think that it was good enough. The main highlight of this dish was the hollandaise sauce, followed by the sautéed spinach. The halved bun was soft, toasted and buttered. However, the sautéed mushrooms were too overly salty for my liking.

PS: Piato Bistro is a non-Halal cafe as pork and liqours served. 

Piato Bistro
Lot 2455, Ground Floor,
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085415003

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