Skincare Buys #20 –

Collected my‘s parcel at Cake Rush just now after having lunch with Alan at Zitos!. This is my third order from and I had it delivered to Miri so that I don’t have to worry about custom duties and pharmacy screening. The shipment arrived quick this time round. ships all orders in their default designed parcel box. All products were bubble wrapped to avoid breakage or spillage inside the box in the course of shipment.

Pyunkang Yul Cosmetic Moisture Serum | RM104.94

You may not have heard about this brand if you are not into K-beauty. I didn’t know about this brand either until I watched a YouTube beauty video whereby the vlogger highly raved of the brand. I would say it is a value buy given the size of the product but whether it lives up to the hype, I am not too sure yet. I shall review the product once I had used a fair share of it.

klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum | RM95

It was the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop which I wanted from klairs but it was sold out. However, I did find the item on Lazada and selling at a lower price. However, I didn’t get it as I thought the parcel may not arrive Cake Rush on time for me to collect.

belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb | RM170

banilo co Clean It ZERO | RM79.50

heimish ALL CLEAN BALM | RM62.54

heimish ALL CLEAN BALM is one of the highly recommended Korean makeup removal products. When I returned to to check out the pricing of this product a while ago, it had been sold out. Majority K-beauty bloggers highly recommended this cleansing balm over the banila co Clean It ZERO. Some even said that heimish’s is the improvised version of banila co’s.

I often get asked of how I shipped skincare products from into Brunei. It is not easy to ship cosmetics products into Brunei as you are very likely to be liable for custom duties. Most importantly, these products have to be screened by the pharmacist at the Post Office before they would be released to you.

I had previously attempted two deliveries of skincare products into Brunei. One from Malaysia and the other from Singapore. Both took a long time to arrive. However, I was lucky enough to escape custom duties and pharmacy clearance on both times. That being said, I would try to avoid having them shipped to Brunei but to Miri.

2 thoughts on “Skincare Buys #20 –

  1. Hi there, regarding your hermo purchases, may i ask where did you mail it to, your friend address in Miri or in Miri there is hermo store/counter? TQ

    • Hi Lawrence!

      My Hermo purchases were shipped to a friend’s address in Miri.

      There is no Hermo store/counter across Malaysia. Once you place your order, they will ship your purchases to the address you provided. I once had them shipped to Brunei but the process was rather tedious.

      Like what I mentioned in my blog entry earlier on, you could be liable for custom tax and pharmacy screening before they would be released. If you have friends or relatives staying in Miri, you could always send to their address and collect later on. I remembered that I had a reader who once told me that Hermo no longer ships to Brunei. However, I am not too sure if it’s true as I no longer ship them to Brunei when I found out about the processes involved before they would be released. It’s easier to ship to a Malaysian address (if you have) since it would be local delivery.

      Hope this helps.

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