22042018 / Cake Rush

After lunch with Alan at Zitos!, I drove to Cake Rush for dessert and at the same time collected my parcel from Hermo.my. I had pre-reserved two slices of their recently released Basque Burnt Cheesecake. I will be giving a slice to Jennifer as it’s her birthday at the end of this month. We will be meeting for dinner at Thai Boat Noodle tonight.

There were plenty of cakes to choose from at the time I was at Cake Rush. I thought of getting myself a slice of their Basque Burnt Cheesecake but it would be too heavy for own consumption when I knew the amount of cream cheese they used to make one whole Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

Cafe Latte | RM9.00

I don’t usually order coffee nowadays but I felt like having one. It felt so good the moment when I took the first sip. Their Cafe Latte had the level of intensity that I love and it paired extremely well with the Chocolate Indulgence that I ordered.

Chocolate Indulgence | RM12.00

Chocolate Indulgence is one of their latest creations if I am not mistaken. Prior to ordering their Chocolate Indulgence, I wondered what’s the difference between their Chocolate Indulgence and Chocolate Cake. According to the chief baker, Chocolate Indulgence comes with both chocolates – dark and white.

If you love chocolate, do give this a try. I liked that it wasn’t sweet. If you were to ask me my personal favorites from Cake Rush, it would be their Green Tea Opera and Chocolate Cake. Their Carrot Cake is good too but they don’t make it often anymore.

Cake Rush
Lot 862, Ground Floor,
Jalan Helenium,
Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia

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