Review: Caféine Port, Miri

Good morning! It had been tiring in the past few days where I only slept for a few hours and had to wake up early in the morning. Despite that I was on a holiday yesterday, I woke up as early as 6AM since I needed to get my errands sorted out early. I did a bit of work with my notebook, head to shower and left the hotel room by 7:15AM for breakfast at Caféine Port.

Caféine Port had been one of my to-try cafes in Miri. The said cafe has been around for some time. They had recently revised their opening hours. Instead of opening at 9AM during weekdays, they are now open early to serve breakfast. I can’t be sure what’s the exact opening time during weekdays. However, breakfast sets are only available from 9:30AM until 2PM on weekends.

These are what Caféine Port is offering for their breakfast menu. This is the revamped version according to their Instagram profile. The selection is extensive in my opinion and they even have Fruit Toast!

Mint Chocolate | RM13

Felt like having something with cocoa in the morning so I went for their Mint Chocolate. To be honest, I was rather disappointed with their it. I preferred the taste of mint stronger.

Ham Cheese Omelette | RM13

Prior to going Caféine Port, I had my heart set to try out their Ham Cheese Croissant but the Cashier told me that the portion would be a bit too much for myself. According to the Cashier, the size of their croissant is two times or more larger than the regular sized croissant. I’m not a big fan of Big Breakfast unless I have someone to share it.

So, I had Ham Cheese Omelette. I liked that the omelette was fluffy on the inside, filled with generous amount of ham and cheese. The omelette was topped with drizzled mayonnaise and ketchup was served on a separate sauce bowl. If you aren’t a big fan of cheese, you might want to request for less cheese.

Caféine Port
Lot 1964, Ground Floor,
Marina Square Phase 2,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-0178558989


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