Review: THAI BOAT NOODLE, Brunei

Good morning! I woke up early again this morning before 5AM? Not sure what’s going on with my biological clock but I think it’s all screwed up. I did went to bed early last night. It’s more like I fell asleep while watching The Negotiator on my TV. LOL!

CY, Jennifer and I tried out THAI BOAT NOODLE last Monday evening after I came back from Miri. The three of us were surprised to see that the restaurant wasn’t packed to the brim when we walked in given that the restaurant has only been open not long ago. However, the crowd started getting more when it was nearing 8:30PM.

Without further ado, let us get started with the food pictures!

Cha Yen (Thai Iced Milk Tea) R | B$2.00

Jennifer and CY ordered this to share. Prior to ordering this, we could smell the fragrant aroma of the Thai tea leaves from another table.

(TL) Kuay Teow Ruea (Boat Noodle) | B$0.90
(TR) Kuay Teow Gai (Chicken Soup) | B$0.90
(LM) Kuay Teow Tomyam (Tom Yam Soup) | B$0.90

All of their Boat Noodle comes in two sizes. You could always go for the tiny size if you wish to have a taste of everything at B$0.90 per bowl. However, they also offer up-size version at B$3.90 per bowl. The three of us ordered each to try. I ordered Kuay Teow Ruea and ended up giving my share to Jennifer when I found out that the broth was cooked in beef. I didn’t thought that it would be cooked in beef as the version that I had while in Bangkok was cooked in pork.

THAI BOAT NOODLE offers more noodle varieties – rice noodle, Mama noodle and vermicelli noodle. When we were browsing through the menu, we were wondering what’s Mama noodle and it turned out to be instant noodle but cooked with desired broth.

Som Tam | B$3.50

Som Tam, also known as Thai Papaya Salad is a Thai appetizer. It came with a lemon wedge for extra sourness and acidity. The salad was sprinkled with some peanuts for added crunchiness. My first impression of the salad was that it was too sweet for my liking. The ones I previously had were sour and they were really appetizing. This however didn’t live up much to my expectation.

Peek Gai Tord | B$3.00

Their Peek Gai Tord or Fried Chicken Wings is probably my favorite food of the night. The wings were well marinated and flavorful in my opinion. The flour batter was nicely and added crunchiness to the chicken skin. If you’re into chicken skin, they also serve Fried Chicken Skin. It sounded tempting but extremely bad for the cholesterol level.

Pad Thai Signature | B$3.90

Pad Thai, Thai’s stir fried rice noodles is one of the most common street food that you’ll find in Bangkok. We had their Pad Thai Signature which I think was their plain version with no meat. However, if you want some meat, you could always go for their seafood version.

I liked the texture of the rice noodles despite Jennifer thought that it wasn’t well cooked. I find the noodles springy in texture. The Pad Thai came served with a lime wedge, grounded peanuts and some red chili flakes. If you aren’t a spicy eater, I would suggest mixing all the ingredients together as the noodle itself was spicy even without the red chili flakes. As much as I hate to say it, I have to admit that their Pad Thai was sweet as well.

Pad Kraprao (Basil Chicken with Rice) | B$3.90

Pad Kraprao is one of my favorite Thai food. I had even recreated the recipe myself at home. The minced chicken was rather salty in my opinion but paired well with the steamed rice. It would be nicer if they had added more basil leaves? However, this is solely subjective to personal preference. Some people doesn’t like the smell and taste of basil leaves. I used to hate it too but I had grown to love it now. LOL!

Verdict: If you were to ask me what are my thoughts of their food, I would say they were hit and miss. I have not tried their Cha Yen but I’ll return next time to do so. Customer service was good in my opinion. The food came served promptly after we ordered. However, the ventilation of the restaurant wasn’t good in my opinion. I could smell food on my hair and clothes the moment I stepped out from the restaurant.

F4, Block F,
Setia Kenangan II Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


2 thoughts on “Review: THAI BOAT NOODLE, Brunei

  1. Goofd review and I Think u mis-read. I didnt see the word “real” their IG. It just states Thai boat noodle from Thailand.

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