29042018 / Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe

I had breakfast alone at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe yesterday morning as I wanted to get some hair care products from Winmark at The Mall. Most of the Winmark outlets which I usually frequent had closed down and the outlets left were not much at the moment. They ran out of my usual brand of hair care product and I had to resort to another brand for a temporary fix.

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe was almost half packed when I walked into the cafe but managed to get a table for two a table away from the dessert table. I already had in mind what I wanted to order for breakfast but couldn’t find it on their menu. I thought it was an off season item so I ordered something else. It turned out that the item wasn’t printed on their menu but written on the blackboard by the wall.

Orange, Apple, Carrot | B$6.00

Ever since I had my Cafe Latte from Cake Rush last Sunday, I had been craving for coffee. However, I decided to eat clean by ordering myself a glass of freshly pressed juice of my favorite combinations.

I requested for no ice so that it won’t be too cold to drink on an empty stomach. The juice was refreshing and sweet. I suppose the sweetness came from the apples and oranges. I couldn’t taste much of the carrots though so the juice didn’t taste that raw to me.

Salmon Avo Smash | B$12.90

served with eggs (poached, sunny side-up or scrambled), smashed avocado, smoked salmon and sourdough toast

A close-up look of my breakfast. Instead of being served with fresh greens as side, they served a mixture of fruits consisted of slices of oranges, apples and watermelon. My breakfast came with two slices of toasted sourdough bread topped with smoked salmon, smashed avocado, eggs of choice and few stalks of baby asparagus.

I liked the texture of the sourdough bread. It was crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. The smoked salmon was salty in my opinion but paired well with the fillings. As mentioned above, you can choose how the eggs are to be done. I had mine poached. However, I find that the egg yolks weren’t runny enough for my liking. All in all, it was a filling breakfast with a healthy touch.

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe
Unit 8, Block H, 1ST & 2ND Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457886

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