Review: The Wildflower

Dinner tonight was at The Wildflower located at Royal Brunei Recreation Club (RBRC). I wasn’t familiar with the whereabouts of RBRC despite I had been there once before. I couldn’t find the location in the beginning and had to use Waze to navigate my way to RBRC.

The Wildflower is a fairly new cafe establishment in town. The cafe wasn’t packed at the time I walked in but it gradually filled up with more patrons later on who came for coffees after dinner. Aside from serving coffees and teas, they also serve hot food and desserts. Food menu wasn’t extensive in my opinion but sufficient.

Without further ado, let me show you what I had for dinner tonight!

Cinnamon Turmeric Latte | B$4.50

If you had been following my food entries long enough, you might probably have noticed that I am quite a fan of cinnamon flavored food, be it cakes or drinks. When I came across this particular Latte on the menu, I was instantly intrigued but hesitated as I’m not sure how turmeric would taste like in a Latte.

The barista assured me that the taste of cinnamon would definitely be stronger than the turmeric. And true enough, the taste of cinnamon was stronger. Honestly speaking, I would say that the taste of turmeric was subtle, almost non-existent in my opinion. In short, their Cinnamon Turmeric Latte was good.

Cinnamon Turmeric Latte (with Soy Milk)

This was served on the house. My first cup of Cinnamon Turmeric Latte was served with regular milk and the barista made another cup with soy milk for me to try. When serving this, she mentioned that she had substituted brown sugar with honey as they were trying out different menu to incorporate into their superfoods menu.

I personally find the soy milk had slightly overpowered the taste of cinnamon in the Latte. The taste of cinnamon was subtler with soy milk and sweeter since honey was used. However, the sweetness might be from the soy milk if it wasn’t unsweetened. All in all, I loved both.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich | B$7.00

pulled chicken, buttered leeks, red onions, grated carrots, aioli

The Roasted Chicken Sandwich was very good in my opinion. I loved the combination of the fillings in the sandwich. The portion of pulled chicken was generous as well. The sandwich was toasted on a sandwich presser before serving.

If you want non-meat option, they serve Roasted Vege Sandwich with roasted cauliflower, roasted eggplants, buttered leeks, grated carrots and aioli. I think I will be trying this out the next time I visit the cafe.

The Wildflower
Royal Brunei Recreation Club,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-872 8404

Of Random Things #158

Today is the second last day of May. 2018 seems to pass by rather quickly and half of 2018 would be gone in a month time. To be honest, I don’t think I have done much for the first half of 2018. What about you?

I had topped up another round of Unlimited Data package from TelBru yesterday evening and downloaded up to the latest episode of Produce 101 China. Most of the episodes were big in size and they lasted more than two hours per episode.

Produce 101 China

Produce 101 China is reality television show spinoff of the South Korean television show Produce 101. The show started off with 101 trainees from different entertainment agencies inside and outside of China. Most of them had previously debuted. Some of them are really good but some are just average.

Love Won’t Wait

Aside from Produce 101, I had also started downloading Love Won’t Wait after Here To Heart had completed airing at the end of last week. To be honest, I was rather surprised to find the pairing of Cecilia Cheung and Van Ness Wu in a drama. I am not sure what’s the storyline of Love Won’t Wait but I had watched a small part of the first episode and the storyline was rather confusing in my opinion.

Boss & Me

There was no particular reason as to why I downloaded this drama series. Not because I liked anyone from this series but solely because the download website which I am using provides HD seeds for this particular drama. Surprisingly, the final episode wasn’t in HD format.

27052018 / Kapra Coffee

Halfway through with our dinner at The Brother’s Kitchen, came the heavy downpour and it kinda drained our moods to go for coffee break at Kapra Coffee. The rain eventually slowed down and we decided to go ahead with our plan anyways.

Prior to going Kapra Coffee, I Instagram messaged the cafe to ask what choices of cakes were available for the day and they replied me while I was having dinner. The choices of cakes available were pretty extensive in my opinion. They had four options to choose from and I had tried none of them before.

Kapra Coffee had extended their drink’s menu to chocolate drinks. When they first opened, they only had coffees and teas. I had previously tried their Hot Chocolate and it was really good, probably one of the best ones in town. San Diann and I each ordered a hot drink and two cakes to share.

Flat White | B$5.00

Mocha | B$6.00

San Diann had Flat White while I had Mocha. When I had my first sip, the taste of sourness hits me. I was used to coffees with strong acidity before but not after I had stopped coffee for a period of time. San Diann commented that his Flat White was acidic too.

One of the baristas came by and asked what were our thoughts of their coffees. According to the baristas, they had replaced their coffee beans and the current one is a tropical blend (if I remembered correctly). I honestly preferred the previous blend better.

Chocolate Banana Loaf | B$3.00

Chocolate Banana Loaf is a classic bake in my opinion and it wouldn’t go wrong with a hot coffee. The cake was preheated in the microwave before serving. It tasted distinctive of banana and it wasn’t overly sweet. The chocolate was swirled on the top instead of chocolate chips swimming in the cake. The cake was soft but tad dry in my opinion.

Yuzu Cheesecake | B$6.50

As I wasn’t into the Belgian Chocolate Cake or Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cake offered, I ordered Yuzu Cheesecake. I liked the Sour Cream Cheesecake which I previously had at Kapra Coffee and it was really good. Their Yuzu Cheesecake was good too but the cheese ain’t as rich as the former. There were Yuzu rinds in the cake as well.

Kapra Coffee
Unit 26, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Ben Kassim & Hajah Zaliha,
Block C,
Simpang: 440,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Of Random Things #157

I am almost done watching The Great Seducer. Currently on the last three episode of the drama and the storyline was surprisingly a lot nicer than I anticipated. The OSTs were good too. I managed to find a website whereby I could download the entire album of the OST of majority Korean drama series.

Hug Me 안아줘 – MOMOLAND

Can’t Believe It 말도 안돼 – Joy (Red Velvet)

I Should’ve First 내가 먼저 – Seventeen

With You 곁 – Yang Da Il

Review: The Brother’s Kitchen

San Diann and I met for dinner this evening. Ever since Clara had moved to Labuan to settle down before she gets married in September, it is down to San Diann and I to meet up to try out new food places. We don’t meet as often as we used to nowadays as we are now short of one food “kaki” LOL!

San Diann found out about The Brother’s Kitchen through one of Brunei’s food bloggers social media platform and he commented that it’s nearby to where I live. The Brother’s Kitchen is indeed very close to where I live. We chose to meet at Soon Lee Megamart and drove to The Brother’s Kitchen in one car as I was afraid that parking space would be limited.

The Brother’s Kitchen is located right across the road from the entrance of Soon Lee Megamart. The stall is extremely visible on the road when passing by. It is straight ahead from the exit of Soon Lee Megamart.

You might wonder what was so special about the Nasi Lemak from The Brother’s Kitchen as opposed to the regular Nasi Lemak which you can get at any other stalls on the roadside or night market. The main highlight of their Nasi Lemak is that the recipe originates from Ipoh.

This is a partial menu of what they are serving. They even serve Samyang Hot Noodles but I honestly don’t see the point of ordering it when you could make it at home. San Diann and I intended to go for their Ramadhan Combo but it wasn’t available at the time because their fritters were sold out.

Cendol Ipoh | B$1.00

San Diann ordered this. I was tempted to order one too but decided not to as we planned to go for coffees and cakes at Kapra Coffee after dinner. San Diann’s verdict of their Cendol Ipoh wasn’t much. According to him, the taste was rather weak in his opinion. He personally thought that it would be nicer if it had a stronger taste of coconut milk.

Nasi Lemak Ipoh Mini Special | B$2.50

Nasi Lemak Ipoh Special | B$4.00

The difference between Mini Special and Special was that the latter came with a piece of whole chicken leg while the former came with a thigh (or maybe a drumstick). What I love about their chicken is that they were deep fried to order hence freshness guaranteed. The chicken was nicely marinated in and out. They were juicy and succulent.

The sambal sauce was good in my opinion. They serve both spicy or non-spicy sambal. When asked to rate the spiciness of their sambal, the owner responded that it was Malaysian kind of spiciness. True indeed, it was really spicy like Malaysian standard but addictive. The rice was coconut milk infused and was tad wet for my liking. I prefer it slightly drier.

Verdict: Both San Diann and I were satisfied with our food despite that the Cendol Ipoh tasted rather weak. The Nasi Lemak Ipoh was good. I certainly wouldn’t mind returning for the Nasi Lemak Ipoh again but I am more tempted to try their varieties of fritters.

As the dining area is in an open space, you may be prone to mosquito bites. So, be warned! The Brother’s Kitchen doesn’t operate on regular Sundays but they are open 7 days per week during Ramadhan month from 2PM until 7PM.

The Brother’s Kitchen
Simpang: 209,
Kampung Mentiri,
Jalan Kota Batu,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7210097