29042018 / Little Audrey’s Café

We intended to stay back at COCO Cafe for desserts after lunch. The varieties of cakes at COCO Cafe was pretty extensive in my opinion but the flavors available didn’t entice me. So, San Diann and I suggested that we go elsewhere for desserts instead. We went separate ways after lunch to run our own personal errands before meeting at Little Audrey’s Café an hour later.

Little Audrey’s Café was extremely crowded at the time we walked into the cafe. But we managed to secure a table by the window. The only downside is that you probably would have to crouch when eating your food.

I wouldn’t suggest taking that table if you are going for main course. The table would be fine for desserts but certainly not for main course if you could avoid. The sofa chairs however were extremely comfortable as opposed to the regular ones provided in the cafe.

Dirty Green Tea Latte | B$6.00

matcha green tea, steamed milk, espresso

San Diann ordered a cup of their Dirty Green Tea Latte. It was the name which intrigued him to try it out aside from the fact that he hadn’t got his caffeine fix for the day yet. LOL! The difference between Dirty Green Tea Latte over regular Green Tea Latte is that the former came with a single shot of espresso. In overall, San Diann was satisfied with his Dirty Green Tea Latte.

Chunky Monkey | B$10.90

brioche French toast with caramelized banana, Nutella, vanilla bean sauce, walnuts and vanilla ice-cream

I had previously tried their Morning Glory with Jennifer last August. The combination of banana and Nutella is almost like match made in heaven. The banana was caramelized with sweetness coated over it. The portion of Nutella was overly generous in my opinion. Definitely heavenly for Nutella addicts.

The brioche French toast was the main highlight of this dessert in my opinion. They were soft and fluffy, dusted with powdered sugar and some walnuts. If you want an added touch of sweetness, you can always drizzle the vanilla bean sauce provided over the brioche French toast. I would highly recommend Chunky Monkey if you like both banana and Nutella. I think I might know a friend who might like it too. The portion is just sufficient to be shared.

Little Audrey’s Café
Unit 9, Ground Floor,
Block A, Q-Lap Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8910711

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