Of Random Things #149

Let’s take a break from all the food related blog entries and focus on something else, shall we? I had started baking few weeks ago. Somehow my baking “adventures” this time round had been more productive than before.

Unfortunately, I had three ulcers grown on my lower gum. I didn’t realize the existence of them as I thought the soreness and pain were due to the accident as I was brushing my teeth the other day. It bled so I thought it wasn’t much of a big deal until I felt sharp pain when I gargled the mouth wash.

Following this blog entry, I would have another two blog entries coming up which I would have them scheduled posting for tomorrow. I baked Pandan Chiffon Cake and cooked Thai Basil Chicken (Gai Pad Krapow). I had been craving for the latter hence I decided to make it myself since we have homegrown Thai Basil in the garden.

Anyways, I had started downloading a fair share of Mainland drama series after I had completed watching The Negotiator. To be honest, Mainland productions had never been my preference over Korean productions but The Negotiator had somehow changed my perception.

I am currently watching Love O2O and I find the storyline rather slow. Both leads seem to be lacking of chemistry in my opinion. I am currently on Episode 15. Perhaps their chemistry would be better as drama series goes on?


I couldn’t find the English version of the storyline on Wikipedia. So, I am posting the Mandarin version instead. This series was aired some time late last year. I didn’t download it as I wasn’t into Mainland production at the time.



The above two Mainland productions were played by Taiwanese female leads and they didn’t use voice overs. I am still not used to the strong Chinese accent yet. 幸福,近在咫尺 was aired early this year and completed while 溫暖的弦 had only started airing earlier this week.

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