Of Random Things #151

I had just realized that my previous few entries in the past weeks had been mostly food related! No wonder my weight hasn’t been dropping but gaining. LOL! Anyways, it seems like my body immune system had been under attack ever since I came back from my previous Miri overnight trip last month.

Two days after coming home from Miri, I was diagnosed for UTI. It wasn’t my first time but the case seems severe this time round compared to my last. Antibiotics worked wonder and it recovered in two days. A week later, three mouth ulcers were formed on my lower gum. It took slightly longer for the ulcers to heal completely.

When the ulcers were healed, I strained my neck last Tuesday due to a bad sleeping posture. I was in so much pain that I had to arrange a short notice massage session with Linda at Thann Sanctuary Spa. Michelle had been my regular therapist after Jennie recommended her to me. Unfortunately, Michelle was unavailable on Tuesday so I got Linda instead. The strained area is now sore from the massage but at least my neck and shoulders were lighter than before.

And guess what? I am now down with flu. It started with a scratchy throat and I got continuous sneezing yesterday evening. Sneezing had stopped but my right nostril seems to be tad blocked. I guess it’s time for another visit to our family GP for antibiotics tomorrow morning.

Anyways, enough rants about my sickness and let’s focus on other stuffs instead! I had finally finished watching Love O2O yesterday evening and started with Love Is In The Air as soon as I finished Love O2O.


This might be the last Mainland production I would be watching for a short while as there were a few Korean new drama series that I had completed downloading but yet to watch. I think I might like this more than Love O2O but I might be wrong. We shall see when I had finished watching the series.

I am quite excited for this week new Korean drama series release! Some of the storylines seem be to interesting.

Rich Man (aired May 9)

Wok of Love (aired May 7)

Lawless Lawyer (airing May 12)

Miss Hammarubi (airing May 21)

Lawless Lawyer and Miss Hammarubi are one of my most anticipated Korean drama series to date. The teasers on Instagram were funny and interesting. Suits was too but I am not sure if I would prefer it over the American Suits. I tried watching Korean Suits with Chinese subtitles and it was rather hard to understand the Chinese legal terms so I ended up downloading the ones with English subtitles.

Come and Hug Me (airing May 16)

You Drive Me Crazy!

This is a short Korean drama which was aired last Monday with two episodes only. I thought it would a 16 or 20 episodes series but no. From what I checked online, there will be a few other good ones airing next month. The ones airing in May looked good already!

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