Skincare Buys #21

My holy grail Shiseido sunscreen is running low at the moment so I redeemed a Hua Ho’s voucher from Standard Chartered Bank some time last week. Unfortunately, the BA at Shiseido informed me that the particular sunscreen which I wanted was out of stock and it’s probably not going to be restocked anytime soon.

I considered asking Sister to get me one from Singapore Changi Airport when she comes home next month but it will be a long wait considering that my sunscreen is running real low. However, I got lucky as a friend happened to be flying back from Singapore for the weekend and requested him to get me one from the airport.

As I didn’t get the sunscreen from Hua Ho, I wasn’t able to use the voucher which I redeemed. So, I got myself a moisturizer from Shiseido WASO and only topped up B$10 as balance.

Shiseido WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream | B$60

What’s so special about this product as promoted by the BA was the carrot extract used to make this moisturizer. It smelled quite pleasant but it could be overpowering for those who doesn’t strongly scented skincare products.

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