Review: fuduBA, Miri

What I like about Miri aside from skincare shopping is the plentiful of choices when it comes to food. As parents were with me this time round, I chose fuduBA as it serves Japanese cuisine. Mom is a noodle person as compared to Dad and I. We prefer grains over noodles at any time.

San Diann had been to fuduBA previously and he sung praises about the food at fuduBA. I am not good with directions around Miri so I relied on the trusty Waze to bring me to fuduBA. It took me three turns to make it to fuduBA. Waze had led me to fuduBA on the first attempt but I drove past the restaurant without realizing.

I think I had passed by fuduBA on my previous overnight trip last month but I didn’t give it much thought. Hence, it didn’t leave me much impression of the location. fuduBA is spacious in my opinion. It took up two shop units. One half is an open space dining area while the other half is closed space dining area. We chose to sit in the closed space dining area.

The menu for food wasn’t overly extensive in my opinion but it’s pretty much enough if you come for the ramen. However, their varieties for alcohol are pretty extensive. They serve Asahi, the Japanese beer. I considered asking Dad to drive on the way back to Bandar. So, I didn’t ask if he would like some Asahi. LOL!

Gyoza | RM15

The Gyoza came in 6 pieces. They were pan fried and then left simmered with bit of water for a short while before dishing. These Gyoza were served with soy sauce dipping sauce. I think I got used to Chinese dumplings whereby they came served with black vinegar and thinly cut ginger as dipping sauce.

My thoughts on their Gyoza weren’t much. I don’t think they were as good as the Gyoza which I could get from Kaizen Sushi Waterfront or Excapade Sushi in Brunei. Dad commented that the fillings tasted slightly sour. The ones I had weren’t though, not sure if my taste bud was overpowered by the Japanese curry sauce I had.

Cold Tantanmen | RM18

refreshing sweet and sour pork sauce with spicy hand cut pork

I wanted to get Mom their Miso Ramen but the staff told me that it was a special menu for Mother’s Day and was no longer available. The staff recommended Tsukemen Dipping Sauce but I’m pretty sure that Mom would complain about the salty broth. I quite like the Tsukemen I had when in Tokyo but I’m not sure if Mom would.

The Cold Tantanmen is served with pork option only. There was no chicken option for this particular ramen dish. The broth was cold but extremely appetizing. It tasted sweet and yet sour at the same time.

The noodles were topped with some minced pork sauce, leeks, bamboo shoots, seaweed and halved Ajitsuke Tamago. Mom liked the egg. Her only complaint about her ramen was the texture of the ramen noodles. The noodles turned slightly harder as they were soaked inside the cold sweet and sour broth.

Butadon | RM18

lightly marinated garlic pork topped with egg yolk, served with BARIO rice

I ordered Butadon for Dad since he wasn’t keen on having fried food. So, Butadon was the right choice at the time. All of fuduBA’s Donburi dishes are served with local Bario rice. For those who are used to the texture of Jasmine fragrant rice, you might not like Bario. The garlic pork cubes were well marinated in my opinion but tad salty. The pork was tough in my opinion and not advisable for diners with dentures?

Kare Katsu Chicken | RM18

panko crumbed chicken with rich Japanese curry grave, served with BARIO rice

I had Kare Katsu Chicken and the Japanese curry gravy was well flavored. The Bario rice was tad dry in my opinion but paired well with the Japanese curry gravy. The panko crumbed chicken were crispy and succulent. However, it would be nicer if the potato cubes in the Japanese curry gravy were softer in texture. It was like chewing on a raw potato but softer.

Verdict: I like the brightly lit atmosphere of the restaurant in the closed space dining area. However, it could be a bit warm if seated in the Japanese style dining area. I was almost sweating when I was halfway through my lunch. Dad commented the same thing too so it wasn’t only me who was feeling warm.

Food serving time took quite a while as I think they are shorthanded in the kitchen. Our orders came one by one instead of all coming out at once. It was at least 5 to 10 minutes waiting time interval for each food to be served. While I was on the way to the washroom, I remembered seeing the Tomato Fried Rice for the patrons behind us placed on the collection counter outside the kitchen waiting to be served. To my surprise, it was still there five minutes later when I came out from the washroom.

The washrooms desperately needed some maintenance in my opinion. The hoses in both washrooms were badly damaged. When coming out from both washrooms, I ended up looking as if I just had a shower. I voiced about the damaged hoses to one of the staffs during payment and I remembered getting a reply: “oh”. I’m not sure if it will get up to the Management but I’m hoping that they would really do something about it.

I don’t mind returning next time to try their Spicy Tantanmen and Tsukemen Dipping Noodle BUT I am also hoping that I wouldn’t be drenched again after using the washroom.

PS: fuduBA is a non-Halal Japanese restaurant as pork and liquors are served. 

Lot 1948 & 1949,
Ground Floor,
Marina Square Phase 2,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085326953

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