Of Random Things #153

TelBru is currently having a promotion whereby you get to enjoy unlimited data for a period of 48 hours at B$5 top-up only! I came across this promotion as I was printing out eBill few days ago. The promotion started on May 15 and it will be ongoing until the last day of the month. I would say it is a fantastic deal if you do hardcore downloading all the time.

This isn’t the first time whereby TelBru is doing such promotion but I missed out the last promotion. The good thing about this promotion is that TelBru will freeze your base package until the top-up expires. My Internet quota runs out pretty fast this month. I had used up at least three quarter of my quota before the third week. So, this promotion is actually a life saver as I still have quite a few drama series which I needed to download before Sister comes home for holiday next month.

When I told Sister about this promotion, she requested me to download a Korean reality dating show – Heart Signal. It took me a while to find download websites which provide seeds for this reality show. I found one but the seeds were rather limited and it took a long time to finish an episode. I got lucky days later as the website that I use most of the time put up the show for download but they weren’t in xfplay format.

Heart Signal 2

This is the Korean dating reality show which Sister requested me to download. I couldn’t find the first season but second only. I had watched a small part of the first episode from the second season. It was quite interesting actually. So, if anyone of you happened to know where I could find the download source for this particular series, do let me know!

Hyori’s Homestay (Season 2)

I only managed to find the seeds for the second season. One of the main players for the first season was IU and Yoona as main with Park Bogum as a part-timer in the second season. If you like furry kids, you might like this reality show. I haven’t finished downloading up to the latest episode. Each episode is about 1.7GB. So, unlimited data definitely comes in handy!


Busted! is a new Korean reality show which I had been interested in but have yet downloaded. I think I would start downloading it tonight when I am done with downloading a few episodes of In Time With You.

Aside from downloading Korean reality shows, I had also been downloading a few new Korean drama series and a Taiwanese drama series from few years ago.

Miss Hammurabi

About Time

These two are new Korean drama series which had started airing the first episodes on Monday. There would be another two new Korean drama series airing this week as well.

In Time With You

I had previously downloaded this Taiwanese drama series years ago when it was aired. However, the quality was of 480P which wasn’t at all clear. I found 1080P format yesterday and it was about 2.4GB per episode.

Imagine my horror when I saw the file size. Thank goodness with unlimited data and I could download without fearing that my data wouldn’t last me till month end.

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