Baking Library, Miri

After getting Pau(s) from 诚式手工包, we headed to 龙门客栈 for breakfast despite we had some at home. It was still early and most of the shopping malls have yet open for the day. As usual, 龙门客栈 is crowded on weekends.

As we had breakfast earlier, we decided to eat light. Parents bought some Chai Kueh from one of the stalls. I on the other hand was attracted to Baking Library. Baking Library is a relatively new tenant at 龙门客栈 as it had only been around since late last year.

Baking Library originated from Kuching and it currently has a few branches across Sarawak. Baking Library sells Hong Kong style tarts and pastries, steamed buns and Taiwanese Castella Cake. As we bought loads of Pau(s) from 诚式手工包 earlier on, I wasn’t interested with their steamed buns but egg tarts!

These were what they were having on that day. They serve two types of egg tarts – Classic and Portuguese. If you were to ask me how much was it per egg tart, I have no idea. I didn’t get to ask the price and no price list can be seen anywhere around the stall (or maybe I didn’t observe carefully enough).

These were what I got from Baking Library the other day. I got two Shao Pau and each of Classic and Portuguese Egg Tart. Portuguese Egg Tart was slightly burnt on the egg top while Classic’s has a smooth egg top.

I had the Portuguese Egg Tart while it was still warm and it was really good. The egg mixture was slightly sweet. Texture wise, it was smooth but tad creamy at the same time. I highly recommend their egg tarts if you are a fan. Do try them if you happen to be at 龙门客栈.


2 thoughts on “Baking Library, Miri

    • I am not sure either as I haven’t been there since.

      Someone on Facebook had posted comment asking the same question too but I think they might have moved elsewhere.

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