Of Random Things #155

Having avidly followed joanday on YouTube, I came to know about Hot Ruffles as she highly raved them on her vlogs. It made me so tempted to try out the Hot Ruffles but it wasn’t available in Brunei at the time So, imagine my excitement when I found out that it was already on the shelves of our local supermarket!

If you don’t know what Hot Ruffles is, this is Hot Ruffles. Hot Ruffles is a combination of Ruffles chips with the same flavoring from Hot Cheetos. I had been avoiding buying Ruffles or Hot Cheetos ever since I started losing weight as I know I wouldn’t be able to stop once I start but I made an exception this time round. LOL!

I had 5 pieces of the Hot Ruffles and my tongue was already burning. Having said so, it was extremely addictive. If you love Ruffles and Hot Cheetos, I am pretty sure you would love this too! The price for a bag of Hot Ruffles is slightly more expensive than regular Ruffles.


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