Review: The Brother’s Kitchen

San Diann and I met for dinner this evening. Ever since Clara had moved to Labuan to settle down before she gets married in September, it is down to San Diann and I to meet up to try out new food places. We don’t meet as often as we used to nowadays as we are now short of one food “kaki” LOL!

San Diann found out about The Brother’s Kitchen through one of Brunei’s food bloggers social media platform and he commented that it’s nearby to where I live. The Brother’s Kitchen is indeed very close to where I live. We chose to meet at Soon Lee Megamart and drove to The Brother’s Kitchen in one car as I was afraid that parking space would be limited.

The Brother’s Kitchen is located right across the road from the entrance of Soon Lee Megamart. The stall is extremely visible on the road when passing by. It is straight ahead from the exit of Soon Lee Megamart.

You might wonder what was so special about the Nasi Lemak from The Brother’s Kitchen as opposed to the regular Nasi Lemak which you can get at any other stalls on the roadside or night market. The main highlight of their Nasi Lemak is that the recipe originates from Ipoh.

This is a partial menu of what they are serving. They even serve Samyang Hot Noodles but I honestly don’t see the point of ordering it when you could make it at home. San Diann and I intended to go for their Ramadhan Combo but it wasn’t available at the time because their fritters were sold out.

Cendol Ipoh | B$1.00

San Diann ordered this. I was tempted to order one too but decided not to as we planned to go for coffees and cakes at Kapra Coffee after dinner. San Diann’s verdict of their Cendol Ipoh wasn’t much. According to him, the taste was rather weak in his opinion. He personally thought that it would be nicer if it had a stronger taste of coconut milk.

Nasi Lemak Ipoh Mini Special | B$2.50

Nasi Lemak Ipoh Special | B$4.00

The difference between Mini Special and Special was that the latter came with a piece of whole chicken leg while the former came with a thigh (or maybe a drumstick). What I love about their chicken is that they were deep fried to order hence freshness guaranteed. The chicken was nicely marinated in and out. They were juicy and succulent.

The sambal sauce was good in my opinion. They serve both spicy or non-spicy sambal. When asked to rate the spiciness of their sambal, the owner responded that it was Malaysian kind of spiciness. True indeed, it was really spicy like Malaysian standard but addictive. The rice was coconut milk infused and was tad wet for my liking. I prefer it slightly drier.

Verdict: Both San Diann and I were satisfied with our food despite that the Cendol Ipoh tasted rather weak. The Nasi Lemak Ipoh was good. I certainly wouldn’t mind returning for the Nasi Lemak Ipoh again but I am more tempted to try their varieties of fritters.

As the dining area is in an open space, you may be prone to mosquito bites. So, be warned! The Brother’s Kitchen doesn’t operate on regular Sundays but they are open 7 days per week during Ramadhan month from 2PM until 7PM.

The Brother’s Kitchen
Simpang: 209,
Kampung Mentiri,
Jalan Kota Batu,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7210097


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  1. Thank you from your comment on our foods and will improve its and make it more better ( The Brother’s Kitchen)

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