Review: Brukori

We have a new kid in town for Korean cuisine. I came to know about Brukori when Jia posted food pictures of Brukori’s on her Instagram some time last week. Out of curiosity, I asked Jia where was the new Korean place she went. She told me it’s Brukori located in Flavor Food Hub at Little Soho. So, CY, Jennifer and I went to try out Brukori this evening for dinner.

Brukori wasn’t our first choice to begin with as Jennifer and I planned dinner at Little Audrey’s Café. I assumed that Little Audrey’s Café is still doing Sungkai buffet like last year. I found out that they aren’t doing it this year when I called to make table reservation. They had replaced it with special Sungkai set meals and complimentary free flow salad bar, soup of the day, fresh fruits, dates and iced drinks.

Since Brukori is new in town and none of the three of us had tried it, we decided to try out Brukori ourselves.

When Jennifer and I first went Flavor Food Hub at Little Soho for Amsarra Shawarma some time last year, I remembered that there was a Korean stall due for opening at the stall next to Amsarra Shawarma. For your information, Amsarra Shawarma had closed down ever since they opened up a branch at Annajat Complex.

Aside from serving Korean hot food, they are also selling this Korean seaweed snacks for 50 cents only. I am not sure if this is the cheapest that we have in Brunei but I do think it’s cheap.

Tuna Mayo Kimbap | B$4.00

Brukori offers quite an extensive menu for their Kimbap. Their chef’s recommendation is Korean Chili (Teng Cho) which I had no idea what it was. I ordered the safest option which is the Tuna Mayo. Brukori serves Vegetarian Kimbap too if you are not into meat.

This is how the filling of Tuna Mayo Kimbap looked like. The seaweed sheet was slightly oiled. I liked that the fillings were very packed and roasted white sesame were sprinkled on the top of the Kimbap. A roll of Tuna Mayo Kimbap came with 12 thick slices.

Chicken Bibimbap | B$7.00

Brukori serves their Bibimbap hot or cold. I chose mine to be served on a hot stone bowl. I had previously tried Bibimbap served in an ordinary bowl from Meogja and DA SA RANG Korean BBQ Restaurant. Both didn’t met my expectations.

The toppings on my Chicken Bibimbap were extremely generous especially the seaweed flakes. Instead of serving with white rice, it came with purple rice. Both Jennifer and I were truly impressed when we saw the rice. As a final touch, the staff drizzled some Korean sesame oil.

Verdict: Jennifer and I were impressed with the food quality in overall especially the Chicken Bibimbap as it had won our hearts over. Our personal favorites used to be Koryo Restaurant for Chicken Bibimbap but Brukori had taken over the first place as of now.

Brukori doesn’t serve extensive complimentary Banchan but the amount served was considerably good enough given the price. The preserved Kimchi was good in my opinion and it was even better when tossed with the Chicken Bibimbap.

Brukori is currently on soft opening stage and it explained why their menu is quite limited. They are only serving Kimbap, Bibimbap, Tteokboki and Ramyun at the moment. I am hoping that they will expand their menu selection very soon.

Foodstall #6, First Floor,
Block B, Little Soho Building,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8645530


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