Review: J.Nom

When having Korean dinner at Brukori last Sunday evening, Jennifer and CY ordered some Thai food and a pizza from J.Nom. It serves both Thai and Italian cuisine. I would have ordered differently if I tagged along when they went to order at J.Nom.

There were some other Thai dishes which I was interested in when I was browsing through the pictures on their Instagram profile. But it’s alright, I would definitely return again to try some of their other Thai dishes. I am tempted to try their Glass Noodle Pad Thai, Prawn Cakes and Kapao Chicken!

Without further ado, let me show you what Jennifer and CY had ordered from J.Nom!

Green Chicken Curry with Rice | B$5.50

I didn’t try much of this but I honestly didn’t really like what I had tasted. First of all, it was oily for my liking and the green curry gravy tasted too sweet. Both Jennifer and CY didn’t commented much but they did mentioned that the green curry gravy was sweet.

Margherita Pizza | B$8.90

Despite that I was disappointed with their Green Curry Chicken with Rice, I was impressed with their Margherita Pizza. The crust was nicely down in my opinion and they weren’t skimp with the ingredients. The pizza was topped with some basil leaves.

Aside from pizzas, J.Nom also serves pastas in their Italian section. However, they are more towards Italian-Thai fusion in my opinion. If you want something different from the ordinary Italian pasta, you could always try the fusion version.

As part of the Ramadhan deal, J.Nom is now offering 15% discount on all food purchases. Such promotion does not apply to beverages. Their current opening hours during the Ramadhan season is from 2PM until 10PM.

Foodstall #10, First Floor,
Block B, Little Soho Building,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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