Of Random Things #163

Work had been more hectic recently due to peak season. However, I am going to take two days off from work when this peak season is over. I had been working longer hours recently hence there is no extra time for me to try out new food places in Brunei.

There wouldn’t be much food blog entries for at least a week from now. I will be posting recipes for my upcoming pancakes when Sister comes home this Thursday for a long weekend holiday. It’s something different from the pancakes that I made recently. I will be attempting a gluten free recipe. Sister has a high intolerance for wheat. So, I want to attempt one to see how gluten free and regular pancakes differ. I am also wheat intolerant but my situation is not as severe as hers.

Let’s get back on track to what I intended to blog about. As usual, it would be about the drama series which I had been downloading when I ran out of topic to blog about. Two new Korean drama series had started airing last week and I think it’s probably the only two new drama series from June that I would download.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Are You Human?


Secret Queen Makers

This is a short drama series of approximately 15 minutes per episode. It is something like the sequel of 7 First Kisses in 2016. Both are South Korean promotional web series produced for Lotte Duty Free Shop.

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