16062018 / BREW Cafe & Bakery

Parents went Limbang early last Saturday morning. So, Sister and I headed out for breakfast together. She was craving for Egg Benedict and BREW Cafe & Bakery is the only one that I know of which opens very early in the morning and serves decent Western breakfast.

As it was still a public holiday on that day, the roads were clear with no traffic at all. It only took a short while to reach BREW from home and I managed to get a parking spot right in front of the cafe. Sister didn’t get Egg Benedict but something close but served with croissant instead of English muffin.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for breakfast yesterday!

Green Apple Juice | B$4.50

Orange & Carrot Juice | B$5.00

I had their Orange & Carrot Juice and it was freshly pressed. You can see a clear layer at the bottom of the jar shortly after it was served. The juice was served sugar free. The taste of carrot was rather raw this time round but I liked it.

Set Breakfast A | B$6.90

butter croissant, chicken toast, sliced cheese, sunny side up

This was what Sister ordered for herself despite she was craving for Egg Benedict. She mentioned that she preferred croissant over bread at any time as the wheat content of croissant is lesser than bread?

Scrambled Egg & Chicken Toast Croissant | B$6.50

fluffy scrambled egg and chicken toast, salads with olive oil

I ordered this but requested if it is possible to replace the croissant with a sourdough toast. The waiter politely mentioned that it wasn’t possible and suggested that perhaps I DIY my own sandwich with the bread of my preference? I stick back with croissant in the end since the cost of DIY my own sandwich might be more costly than the existing ones on the menu.

BREW Cafe & Bakery
Unit 7, Block C,
Gadong Central,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2427554

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