17062018 / Sui Heng Restaurant

Mom, Sister and I had breakfast at Sui Heng Restaurant last Sunday morning before I headed to work. It was Sister’s last day in Brunei before she returns to Singapore in the evening. Sister was saying that she craves for Char Kueh Tiaw the day before while we were at BREW Cafe & Bakery. So, I chose Sui Heng Restaurant since I was craving for some dim sum.

The varieties of dim sum available weren’t as extensive as I hoped to be but sufficient. I managed to order what I wanted to eat. Sister ordered a Cantonese Style Century Egg Porridge and had completely forgotten about her Char Kueh Tiaw until I reminded her. LOL! We didn’t order Char Kueh Tiaw in the end as the dim sum that we ordered were more than enough for the three of us.

Teh C (Less Sugar)


鲜竹卷 is known as Beancurd Sheet Roll in English and it had been my one of my to-order dishes whenever having dim sum. If you love beancurd sheets, I am pretty sure you would fall in love with this. However, different restaurants serve this particular dim sum differently. Some served with clear broth while some served it sweet and sour.

Century Egg Siu Mai

Steamed Pork Ribs

I finished most of this myself. Mom and Sister only had a little bit of this. The pork ribs were pretty tender in my opinion but lacked flavoring though. It came served with quite an amount of fatty bits.

Har Gow

Cantonese Style Century Egg Porridge

I am not much of a porridge person but this one was pretty decent in my opinion. The grains were blended to a smooth fine paste and topped with some deep fried Wantan skin and cut spring onion as garnish. The porridge was flavorful enough. Sister who had tried various Cantonese style porridge commented that this was good.

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Buns

Look at the golden liquid oozing out from the bun! These buns were best eaten when they were still hot before the egg yolk custard solidifies. The easiest way to eat these buns without creating a big mess is to take a bite onto the bun and suck out all the liquid.


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