Of Random Things #166: Bakchang

I didn’t make any Bakchang, if that’s what you were wondering. It was Dragon Boat Festival last Monday whereby Bakchang is a common food to eat during the festival. Few days before the festival, I had been eating quite a fair share of Bakchang to the extent that I am feeling rather sick whenever Mom said it’s Bakchang for breakfast. LOL!

Despite so, I still ate a bit when Mom prepared it as breakfast in the morning. I would usually eat half and leave the remaining half for tea break. I had booked myself for a trip to Singapore early next month to meet Sister since we didn’t spend much time together while she came home last weekend.

And at the same time, I am going to bring some Water Dumplings stuffed with red bean paste with me to Singapore. She wanted some the other day but it wasn’t available until the day after she flew back to Singapore.

Here’s some close shots of the Bakchang which I had been having for at least a week! I liked that the glutinous rice were nicely cooked with the right amount of flavoring. The cubed pork bellies weren’t tough but extremely tender with melt-in-the-mouth kind of texture.

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