22062018 / Ochado Cafe

After dinner at J.Nom, Kaylie and I headed downstairs for drinks and desserts at Ochado Cafe located next to Boat Noodle. I had been craving for Bubble Milk Tea for days now. I rarely crave for it so it’s kind of weird that I had been craving for it for some time now. I did get my craving fixed while in Miri at Tea Box but I only had a bit as I was having period at the time.

Peppermint Milk Tea | B$2.90

3T Roasted Milk Tea | B$3.50

3T comprises of grass jelly, red beans and pearls. I am not a huge fan of red beans so I requested if it could be replaced with pudding. The staff declined at first but was kind enough to replace the red beans for pudding at no extra cost in the end. I liked the texture of both pudding and grass jelly. They were soft, smooth and silky.

French Toast | B$2.00

Kaylie didn’t finish her Mee Basah from dinner as it was too spicy to tolerate. Her threshold for spicy food is a lot lower than regular people. Seeing that she didn’t eat much during dinner, I asked if she wanted to order finger food to share. She agreed and we ordered French Toast to share.

The French Toast was sprinkled with ground cinnamon on both sides and served with honey. Thankfully, Kaylie is okay with the taste of ground cinnamon. Most of my friends hate the taste of ground cinnamon. We believed that the French Toast was oven toasted instead of the regular pan fried method. The sides were rather hard in my opinion.

Ochado Cafe
Unit 11, Lot 62248,
Little Soho,
Pengakalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422365

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