Of Random Things #168

I just realized that I will be traveling to Singapore next Friday. How time flies! It will be a long weekend trip to Singapore whereby I am flying in on Friday and coming back on Monday. There wasn’t much itinerary planned for this trip but I had shortlisted a couple of eateries to try out while I am in Singapore.

I planned to get to a new laptop as my current one is crashing soon. I didn’t thought about getting it from Singapore until Jennifer reminded me that electronics are cheaper in Singapore and I could claim for tax refund from the airport on the day of flying back. I contemplated whether to get MacBook Air or HP.

I had been wanting to get a MacBook Air for years but the internal storage capacity is very limited for me. I could get a HP notebook for the same price but with triple the amount of internal storage capacity offered in a MacBook Air. Having browsed multiple brands online, I am about 90% sure of which notebook to purchase but I need to see the item physically myself before purchasing.

Anyways, there hadn’t been much new Korean drama series to download recently but Mainland ones.

Sweet Dreams

My Story for You

My Fairy Girl


Mengfei Comes Again

Historical Mainland production is never my thing but I am downloading it because I think Mom would love it. I had watched a fair share of the said drama teasers on YouTube and it was pretty hilarious in my opinion.

Love Won’t Wait

I know I had previously mentioned about downloading this said drama series in my previous blog entries. I only managed to complete downloading the entire series this morning. The links which I had been using previously doesn’t seem to provide enough seeds.

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectation on this drama series but I had watched a few episodes in between and it was acceptable. My colleague who had watched this did mentioned that it was good ending but rather sad.

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