Of Random Things #170

We are now entering the second half of 2018. Time have pass by rather quickly this year. It seems like I had done nothing much this year. Not that I had accomplished a lot in the previous years. LOL!

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I would be in Singapore on this coming Friday for a long weekend holiday. There was nothing much planned yet for my stay in Singapore but I did shortlist a couple of eateries which I intend to try out while I am there. I would be meeting some friends too while in Singapore.

Sister mentioned that there are plenty of cafes around Holland Village and I think she is looking at trying out 2am:Dessert Bar. I, on the other hand is keen to try Sunday Folks. I had been wanting to try out Sunday Folks in my previous trips last year but was unable to make time for it. Hopefully, I would be able to try out Sunday Folks this time round.

Anyways, I managed to complete watching Mad Dog this morning. It took me more than two weeks to finish a series this time round. The Korean drama series which I had been anticipating are still airing. So, I would be returning to watch a Mainland production this time round as I had finished downloading quite a few of them.

Moonshine and Valentine

Not my first choice to be honest but the teasers on Instagram were pretty good. LOL! Sometimes I prefer watching a Chinese speaking drama series so that my eyes don’t have to glue on the subtitles. LOL!

There aren’t much Korean drama series to download so I am downloading the Mainland ones. What I love of Mainland productions is that it takes only about two to three weeks to finish airing as opposed to the two months airing of Korean drama series.



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