07072018 / Plain Vanilla Bakery, Singapore

I had finished about 80% of my luggage packing and left with some last minute ones. I still have some extra time to kill as I would only be heading to the airport two hours later. Since I am having some extra time to spare, I will draft this blog entry early and schedule for posting today’s midnight.

After our lunch at Guksu in Raffles City, Sister and I headed home to drop off our purchases. We rested a bit and took the metro to Tiong Bahru for Plain Vanilla Bakery. It had been in my to-visit cafe for this Singapore trip and I am glad that we made it.

Plain Vanilla Bakery is located very near to Forty Hands and Creamier. I just realized that the latest Creamier is located very near to Forty Hands. Outside Plain Vanilla Bakery is a display of some wood crafts. Plain Vanilla Bakery segregated both their selling and dining area.

Aside from serving desserts and beverages, Plain Vanilla Bakery had also included breakfast options into their menu.

Chai Tea Latte | S$7

made with Sticky Chai Tea blend

Despite I had been telling Sister that I am craving for coffee, I ordered their Chai Tea Latte instead. It was pretty good in spite of the sweetness that I find it a bit too much for my liking. In terms of the taste of Chai, it was strong enough for me and some ground cinnamon powder was sprinkled on top of the milk foam.

Red Velvet | S$4.20

Carrot Cupcake | S$4.20

I was intrigued to try their Matcha White Chocolate Cupcake prior to going Plain Vanilla Bakery. It wasn’t available at the time we were there hence I got the Red Velvet Cupcake and Carrot Cupcake.

The former was denser in texture compared to the latter. We both agreed that the cupcakes were less sweeter compared to the ones that we previously had and it was a good thing. Good for those who are conscious about their sugar intake.

The frosting swirl on the top was however too sweet for my liking. I was anticipating a cream cheese swirl frosting but it wasn’t. It was more like a sugar frosting to me. So, I am guessing that since the swirl frosting would be sweet, they lessened the sugar content in their cupcakes.

Flourless Chocolate Cake | S$8.50

Sister who is a wheat intolerant ordered their Flourless Chocolate Cake and complimented that it was good despite not being chocolate as rich as compared to her regular favorite from Awfully Chocolate. However, she liked that it wasn’t as sweet as the one from Awfully Chocolate.

Verdict: We quite liked the ambiance at Plain Vanilla Bakery. Aside from selling their bakes, Plain Vanilla Bakery is also selling some other products like lotions, scented waxed candles and so on. The scented waxed candles smelled good but the pricing was a bit on the pricey side in my opinion.

Eating utensils were provided on self-service basis along with bottomless refill of plain water. However, the long table that we were seated on at the back of the cafe was shaky. I think it was missing a screw on the stool? Maybe they should get the table fixed before it collapses for real?

Plain Vanilla Bakery
1D Yong Siak Street,
Tiong Bahru Estate,
Tel: +65-8363 7614


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