08072018 / Whisk Cafe, Singapore

After brunch at Chong Wen Ge Cafe, the three of us walked to Raffles Place MRT Station in search of Phoenix Lava for Monthong Durian Lava Bun. Sad to say, the shop wasn’t open on weekends and we went off without any lava bun in hand.

Some fans on Instagram had shared that they have an outlet on the basement of Takashimaya and it is less crowded as compared to the one at Raffles Place. So, do try it out if you are interested.

We left Raffles Place without any dessert in hand and I suggested that we go for coffee break instead. My locations in mind are Tiong Bahru and Holland Village. We settled with Whisk Cafe at Tiong Bahru as I remembered that they serve Carrot Cake.

We took the MRT from Raffles Place to Tiong Bahru and walked about 10 minutes from the station to the cafe. The weather was extremely hot that day and it felt good once we reached an air-conditioned space. Aside from serving coffees and coffees, Whisk Cafe is also serving breakfast and pasta. The pastas looked pretty decent in my opinion.

Latte | S$5.50

I had finally gotten my caffeine fix at Whisk Cafe. I should have requested for less foam in my Latte as the coffee wasn’t hot enough for me when drank. All hot beverages came served with a small piece of flower cookie. It tasted pretty alright to me but sweet.

Earl Grey & Candied Orange Scone | S$4.50

Sister who is a big fan of both scone and earl grey tried their Earl Grey & Candied Orange Scone. It was originally priced as above but a dollar extra if requesting for jam and butter as spreads. The jam was a homemade one though. We asked if they serve clotted cream and they don’t.

Sister’s verdicts on her Earl Grey & Candied Orange Scone weren’t favorable. She commented that the scone had a dry texture despite being warmed up before serving. The taste of Earl Grey in the scone was subtle too.

Bostock | S$4.50

When we first saw the name of this particular pastry on the label, we were wondering how nice was it to be branded as Bostock. We thought that this particular pastry was named after Hokkien dialect as no stock and little did we know that it is Bostock for real.

Bostock, a French pastry (I think) is almond brioche. Bostock is somewhere in between almond toast and French croissant. The brioche came with a slight crunchy texture on the sides but soft and tasted buttery on the inside. The spread on the top sprinkled with sliced almonds was overly sweet for my liking. However, I did like the texture of the brioche but not so much of the sugary spread.

Carrot Cake | S$7.00

Carrot Cake was the reason why I chose Whisk Cafe in the first place. I had been craving for Carrot Cake for quite some time. The Carrot Cupcake from Plain Vanilla Bakery the other day wasn’t a good cut for me despite being soft and fluffy.

This one however tasted extremely distinctive of ground cinnamon powder that I love and sandwiched in between a thin layer of cream cheese frosting. The texture of the cake was dense and moist enough. The only drawback of this Carrot Cake was the sweetness level.

Verdict: The staff were polite and friendly in general. They were quick with serving as well. Our food came shortly after we sat down, in less than five if my memory serves me well. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with their desserts as they were overly sweet for our liking. The Carrot Cake met my expectations. However, it would be perfect if the sugar level was lower.

Whisk Cafe
58 Seng Po Road,
Tel: +65-62226543

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