09072018 / Elyon Cafe, Singapore

I came to know about Elyon Cafe when I was searching for cafes to visit weeks before I am due for Singapore. The reason why this cafe caught my fancy was because it serves Durian Gelato.

However, I had completely forgotten about Elyon Cafe on my first few days in Singapore until the last day when Sister and I went out for lunch at the nearby hawker center. We passed by Elyon Cafe on the way and decided to drop by for desserts after lunch.

The cafe was packed at the time we walked past but half of the restaurant was cleared when we arrived after lunch. The choices of flavors were not as extensive as Creamier but they do have Durian Gelato at the time. We asked which durian they used to make the gelato and it was D24.

Elyon Cafe is located about 10 minutes walking distance from where Sister lives. However, I just found out that Elyon Cafe is open from Monday to Saturday and close on Sundays. Aside from serving gelato, Elyon Cafe serves pasta and sandwiches using their house made sourdough bread made with natural yeast.

Earl Grey Raspberry | S$5.00

It was no surprise that we went for Earl Grey Raspberry. I had never been much of a Earl Grey person but I somehow got influenced by Sister to try out Earl Grey flavored ice-creams. We both loved Earl Grey Raspberry. It tasted sweet but tad sour from the raspberry at the same time. However, it got a lot sweeter the more you ate it.

D24 Durian | S$5.00

Their D24 Durian tasted pretty distinctive of durian and you could even chew on some durian flesh. However, both Sister and I loved the Earl Grey Raspberry more than D24 Durian.

Elyon Cafe
126 Tanah Merah Lane 1,
Tel: +65-62747422

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