24072018 / Roasted Sip, Serusop

I returned to Roasted Sip in Serusop yesterday evening after work. I went there to do some work and a little bit of downloading. I had maxed out my household Internet quota for the month. I had topped up another 60GB but I’m not sure if it could lasts till the end of this month since both my parents stream YouTube often.

I had my dinner at Roasted Sip. There weren’t much choices available, mostly cakes and finger foods like sandwiches. I didn’t felt like having Quiche again so I ordered myself a Tuna and Egg Sandwich.

Jelatte | B$6.50

I had been told that their Jelatte was good and it did live up to my expectation despite being on the pricier side. I requested for soy milk at no extra charge. The coffee taste was distinctive and yet smooth. Despite soy milk was used, it was extremely subtle and tasted like ordinary milk.

Tuna and Egg Sandwich | B$5.50

classic tuna salad and hard boiled egg on a freshly toasted bread

Like I mentioned above, Roasted Sip doesn’t serve much food aside from cakes and finger foods. They only had a choice of sandwich available and it was the Tuna and Egg Sandwich. The bread was served toasted but the fillings were chilled. I liked that the egg was hard boiled instead of mashed up like the tuna filling. The sandwich was served with a side of potato chips.

Roasted Sip
Unit 4, Ground Floor,
Block A,
Pelangi Complex,
Lot 7302, Kampung Delima Satu,
Mukim Berakas,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2342281

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