27072018 / Roasted Sip, Serusop

I returned to Roasted Sip in Serusop again last Friday evening after work. The cafe was pretty quiet at the time when I walked in but started to fill up shortly after. As I was a full vegan that day, there weren’t much for me to order aside from drinks and desserts.

Spiced Chai Latte | B$5.50

I had Spiced Chai Latte and requested for soy milk instead of regular milk. The latte was dusted with grounded cinnamon powder and it added flavors that I loved. However, it would have been nicer if the Spiced Chai wasn’t that sweet. It was one of the best ones in Brunei but would definitely be better with lower sugar level.

Double Chocolate Muffin | B$4.50

chocolate is added to the batter, with addition of chocolate chips

There weren’t much choices for muffins and the only one which caught my fancy was their Double Chocolate Muffin. The muffin was served warm. It was soft and almost spongy but lacked the moist that I anticipated. The amount of chocolate chips in the muffin was extremely limited in my opinion. I think I only had a bite of the chocolate chips. Sweetness level was just right though.

Roasted Sip
Unit 4, Ground Floor,
Block A,
Pelangi Complex,
Lot 7302, Kampung Delima Satu,
Mukim Berakas,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2342281

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