Review: Garnier Refreshing Facial Cleanser

After all the food related blog entries, it’s time for a break. Topic for the day would be a skincare product. I didn’t buy a lot of new skincare products when I was in Singapore last month. Reason being, I bought quite a lot from

I love purchasing from as the prices are the same as store bought, if not cheaper. You don’t have to physically be at the store and products will be delivered to your doorstep like in two to three working days after a successful transaction.

This is not a sponsored post by if you are wondering. I just love that carries quite a variety of Korean brands that do not have their own boutique stores outside Korea. For example: Huxley and klairs.

Without further ado, let’s get started with what I intended to blog for the day!

Garnier Refreshing Facial Cleanser

This is one of the new products by Garnier if I am not mistaken. It wasn’t on the shelves when I was in Singapore during Chinese New Year in February. Garnier has been one of my favorite go-to brands when it comes to cleansing products. I love their cleansing waters as they weren’t harsh on the skin and the price is only a fraction as compared to some other brands which I had previously tried.

What caught my attention was that this facial cleanser was the vegan formulation as printed on the packaging! The product is formulated with 99% of naturally derived ingredients as per advertised. Aside from that, it is free from parabens, dyes, silicone and sulfates. The cleanser is gel based and it didn’t come with fragrance. Hence suitable for those who doesn’t like heavily scented skincare products. This product reminds me of fresh Soy Face Cleanser in terms of fragrance.

The gel-alike consistency lathers well enough but paled in comparison with some cream based cleansers. It cleanses my skin well enough as I do not wear heavy makeup. I liked that it didn’t leave my skin feeling all tight after wash. However, it could be drying if left without applying toner and moisturizer after wash. The cleanser didn’t break my skin, which was a good sign.

So, here’s what I think of Garnier Refreshing Facial Cleanser in a nutshell:

1. Inexpensive.
2. Vegan formula, free from parabens, dyes, silicones and sulfates.
3. Fragrance free.
4. Skin felt clean after wash.

1. Can be drying without moisturizer.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: S$11.90

Repurchase? No

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