Review: My Village Kopitiam

My Village Kopitiam, located a few shops away from Mum Bakery in Serusop has reopened under a new management. I invited two of my colleagues to join me for breakfast this morning at My Village Kopitiam.

Without further ado, let me show you what My Village Kopitiam offers!

Kopi O (S) | B$0.70

I was pleased to find that they serve hot drinks in two sizes as I couldn’t finish mug size most of the time. The coffee looked very “thick” in appearance but it wasn’t aromatic enough in my opinion.

My Village Kopitiam offers a varieties in-house made pastries like puffs, pies, rolls, tarts and muffins. They will have hot buns too in the future. I had previously tried their Buttermilk Bun and it was good!

Butter Cake | B$0.60 (per slice)

I didn’t order these but they looked so soft and fluffy! These Butter Cake is one of their house specialties too!

Eggy Tart | B$0.80 & Chicken Mushroom Pie | B$1.50

My colleague who doesn’t like buttery pastries gave a thumbs up for their pastries. The top crust of the Chicken Mushroom Pie had a crunchy texture!

Chicken Luncheon & Fried Egg Sandwich | B$2.50

I was anticipating a plain soft white sandwich but this was served toasted. The chicken luncheon slices were pan fried. I personally prefer them deep fried over pan fried. The fried egg was dry in my opinion. It would have been nicer if the egg had been thicker and fluffier in texture.

Fried Kueh Tiaw with Seafood | B$4.50

Fried Bee Hoon (Plain) | B$2.50

We were rather disappointed with the noodles. The eggs were overcooked and burnt. Hence, it affected the overall taste of the noodles. The beansprouts were fresh though. Flavoring could be improved as both tasted bland to me.

Verdict: Serving took a bit of time as they are currently short staffed but everything will be smooth going once they are adequately staffed. I was invited to their food tasting event a week before their opening and I liked their American Fried Rice. It was good and I am looking into trying it again the next time I visit.

My Village Kopitiam
Unit 22, Block B,
Delima Square,
Simpang: 72,
Delima Satu, Berakas A,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2340520

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