10082018 / Le Cafe Pullman Miri Waterfront

As you may have known, Sister and I were in Miri for an overnight trip last week over the weekend. We stayed at Pullman Miri Waterfront and booked ourselves a Premium Deluxe Room.

Our room allows access to the Executive Lounge but we were surprised to find that there was no food provided in the Executive Lounge around 3:30PM. We were already starving at that time as the last meal we had was breakfast. The fastest option aside from room service is to order food from Le Cafe in the hotel lobby.

Cake Rush was already in our itinerary for desserts, hence we ordered in moderation and shared our food.

Mixed Juice | RM16

Chicken Focaccia | RM28

grilled chicken breast sandwich with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and sun dried tomato mayonnaise

We were already starving at the time and the staff kindly recommended us Chicken Focaccia as it would be served the quickest comparatively to other dishes on the menu. The Chicken Focaccia was served with sides of fries and salad.

The Focaccia wasn’t served warm. It had a chewy texture but went well with the fillings inside the sandwich. The sandwich was delicious in overall. However, it could be due to the fact that we were already hungry and anything could taste delicious. There was no sun dried tomato mayonnaise in the sandwich. I believed that it was some ranch dressing.

Le Cafe Pullman Miri Waterfront
Lot 1347,
Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre,
Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6-085323888


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