12082018 / My Village Kopitiam

Hours before Sister’s departure to Singapore, we had late lunch at My Village Kopitiam. The restaurant was pretty packed at the time we walked in. Thankfully, we got a table for two by the corner of the restaurant. I knew what I wanted to eat so I got the ordeal done quickly.

Here are some pictures of how My Village Kopitiam looked like from the outside. I missed this part out on my first visit. I was rushing to work that day hence I only managed to snap the food pictures.

Teh Tarik (Small) | B$0.80

Butter Cake | B$0.60

Butter Cake is also one of their house specialties. It had a denser texture and had to be warmed over the microwave before eating. The taste of eggs overwhelmed the taste of butter in my opinion.

Chicken Puff | B$1.00

My colleagues who had a piece of their Chicken Puff the other day sang praises. The crust was flaky. We liked that it wasn’t greasy and didn’t taste buttery. However, Sister commented that it would be nicer if they had used fresh green peas instead of the frozen ones? Not because of freshness issue but solely because fresh green peas looked better in pictures than frozen ones.

Tai Yang Peng | B$0.80

Tai Yang Peng is one of their bestsellers at the moment. The crust was flakier in texture comparatively to the Chicken Puff. I liked the filling a lot. It wasn’t at all sweet and suited my taste bud just fine. For you information, all pastries available at My Village Kopitiam are house made and they are served fresh throughout the day.

This was served on the house. I’m afraid that I don’t have the pricing for this at the moment but I will update soon once I have got hold of the price. The fillings came with dried shrimps. They looked good to me but I didn’t have any due to my skin condition at the time.

American Fried Rice | B$6.50

fried rice, chicken ham, sunny side up served on top of fried rice

This was what I went My Village Kopitiam for. I was invited to their food tasting event before their grand opening and this particular dish caught my attention. It was served with a piece of deep fried chicken whole leg and topped with a sauce consisting of a colorful mixture of frozen vegetables.

The fried rice was well done in my opinion and the portion was good for two small eaters. The only let down of this dish was the chicken ham. They were slightly burnt as you can see in the picture above. It would be better if the chicken ham was thicker.

My Village Kopitiam
Unit 22, Block B,
Delima Square,
Simpang: 72,
Delima Satu, Berakas A,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2340520


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