Of Random Things #182

It has been a while since I last did a blog post on the drama series which I had been downloading. Honestly speaking, I don’t think there are much new ones recently.

I am still watching Lawless Lawyer in the mean time. It has been coming three weeks and I am still watching it. I had been sleeping earlier than usual recently as I needed to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch now that Mom is away for holiday.

A Love So Beautiful

The Evolution Of Our Love

Accidentally In Love

I hadn’t been particular with the Mainland dramas that I download. As long as they are not the traditional kind of drama series, I am good to go. I had read the synopsis of the above drama series before downloading and they seem interesting to me.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Lovely Horribly

Familiar Wife

PS: I’m not sure if you had noticed, I had created an Instagram profile in support of this blog. How should I put this? I had previously linked my personal Instagram profile to this blog space and I thought it would be better if I create another profile solely for this blog. I would only be posting food pictures or things that I find them special.

As I don’t eat out everyday, I might not have plenty of pictures to post. So, I am currently posting some of the food pictures which I took in within these two or three years. I am currently posting the ones from Singapore but I will cover some from Tokyo and Shanghai soon!

If you are interested, do show some support and follow me on @daily.snippets.of.life! Your support is very much appreciated.

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