17082018 / The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Brunei

It is Jia‘s birthday on this coming Sunday. I chose to celebrate with her in advance as she is normally unavailable on the actual day. We celebrated her birthday at Little Audrey’s Café last year. So, it ain’t sound nice if I suggest Little Audrey’s Café again. LOL!

As usual, she has no clue of where to eat. I mentioned that I had been seeing quite a lot of food pictures of The Manhattan FISH MARKET and Gerai De’Ceriaa on my Instagram recently. I had been avoiding going back to The Manhattan FISH MARKET as I wasn’t pleased with their customer service when I was there on the first week of their opening last year.

Jia mentioned that she had also heard mixed reviews of the said restaurant and mostly criticized of their customer service like I did. Click here for my previous write-up on The Manhattan FISH MARKET if you’re interested. We decided to give them another shot since I was tempted to try their newly introduced Salted Egg Fish N Chips.

Lemongrass Cooler | B$5.00

infused with natural flavor of lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera, our icy Chamomile tea helps to improve digestion and promote healthier skin

I requested for a glass of warm water and was told that they only serve mineral water. LOL! However, I recommended Jia their Lemongrass Cooler.

Salted Egg Fish N Chips | B$9.50

To cater the local craze over salted egg food, The Manhattan FISH MARKET joined the bandwagon and introduced their rendition of Salted Egg Fish N Chips. I must say I was quite impressed. It came with two huge size battered dory fillets.

Jia and I loved that the batter was crunchy in spite of the thickness. The battered dory fillets were coated with their very own salted egg sauce. The sauce was powdery in texture and paired well with the battered dory fillets. I liked that the dory fillets didn’t have a fishy taste.

The chips on the side were a letdown in my opinion. They didn’t have the crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside kind of texture. As a matter of fact, they were rather hard and dry in my opinion.

Fish Chicky Bang Bang | B$10.50

match made in cheddar cheese heaven with dory fillet on one side and chicken fillet on the other, comes with a sunny side up and nestled on a crispy tortilla

In spite of the cheeky name, Jia and I agreed that this particular Fish Chicky Bang Bang didn’t live up to it’s name. The chicken fillet was rather dry in my opinion and the dory fillet tasted a little fishy to me. The creamy cheddar cheese can get a bit “jelak” if had too much. However, we have to agree that they did a great job on the batter.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
F7 & F8, Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-17-20,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2234140

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