24082018 / ChaTraMue, Brunei

When I saw @wandergirleats posted Matcha Durian Soft Serve on her Instagram profile, it got me even more tempted to try. I had considered buying one to try last Sunday when San Diann and I were at Jerudong Park Food Court for lunch at Ricardo’s.

As we had Geo Eats planned for the day, we put Matcha Durian Soft Serve on hold in one day. We didn’t want to end up with excessive sugar consumption for the day. Aside from having the Matcha Durian Soft Serve, we also got their Pandan and Cha Yen Sangkaya buns to share.

Matcha Durian Soft Serve | B$3.80

As we will be sharing this, we went for the cup instead of cone. Cone is priced at 50 cents extra. The soft serve was dusted with minimal matcha powder. It tasted strong and distinctive of durian and almost similar to D24 McFlurry from McDonald’s but minus the Matcha.

San Diann who isn’t huge for durian was impressed and he finished the whole thing in the end. The taste of Matcha was subtle in my opinion as the durian overwhelmed it. We had this soft serve before our Sangkaya buns and it was the biggest mistake. The durian taste stays in our mouth for some time and it numbed our taste bud. It gets sweeter the more you eat.

Pandan Sangkaya Bun | B$1.80

Cha Yen Sangkaya Bun | B$1.80

San Diann had wanted to order all five flavors to try but I refrained him from doing so. The buns looked small in size on ChaTraMue’s Instagram profile but they were bigger in reality.

All Sangkaya buns were grilled before serving. There was a small slab of butter in the Pandan Sangkaya Bun. I prefer the flavor of Cha Yen Sangkaya but the sweetness in Pandan Sangkaya. The latter was not as sweet as compared to the former.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think I would be returning for the Sangkaya buns but I will definitely return for their Cha Yen Soft Serve in the near future.

Unit 8, Simpang: 94,
Kampung Delima,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2344067


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