26082018 / Geo Eats

This is our second visit to Geo Eats this month. The reason why we returned to Geo Eats a week after our last was their Matcha Cake Lava. We were disappointed that it was unavailable last week. Thankfully, it is available this week.

I messaged Geo Eats via Instagram and they told me that it will be available on Sunday. The person who communicated with me asked if I would like to reserve a piece and I agreed without hesitation! I wouldn’t want my trip to Jerudong go in vain. It’s not near for me to travel to Jerudong if you may ask. LOL!

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for lunch today. It was a late lunch as my manicure and pedicure session started late. Thankfully, our food were served shortly after we were seated as we had pre-booked our dishes prior to arriving.

Watermelon Crush | B$4.00

watermelon blended with lychees & mint

Geo Eats’ Spaghetti & Meatballs | B$8.00

spaghetti cooked with Alfredo sauce and served with baked ground beef meatballs

San Diann had this for himself as I don’t eat beef. According to him, the baked ground meatballs were good. They were well flavored and ain’t dry at all. The pasta was overly generous in my opinion and he was unable to finish the whole thing.

3-Type Mushrooms on Toast | B$8.00

shiitake, enoki & oyster mushrooms cooked with shallots, on toast and served with vegan cheese

I ordered this for myself as I wanted to try something off their vegan menu. My first choice was Ratatouille with Couscous but I was afraid that I might not like it. So, this 3-Type Mushrooms on Toast sounded the safest.

The mushrooms were nicely sautéed with shallots, scattered on top of two slices of multigrain (or wholemeal) bread and topped with their vegan cheese sauce. My personal favorite of this dish was the vegan cheese sauce. I loved the consistency. It was smooth but not overly creamy and it didn’t taste too cheesy. The level of cheesiness was just perfect in my opinion. However, I think this dish would carry off better if served on sourdough toast instead.

Matcha Lava Cake | B$6.00

Now here comes the reason of our second visit in a month. As mentioned above, both San Diann and I were bummed when we found out that Matcha Lava Cake was unavailable on our last visit. The dessert was plated beautifully, dusted with powdered sugar and few slices of strawberries.

However, it would have been perfect if it was served without the ramekin like the Salted Caramel Chocolate Lava Cake which we had last week. I wasn’t able to take a decent shot of the oozing lava and these were my best attempts.

The cake had a denser texture but slightly crunchy top and filled with overly generous lava on the inside. Sweetness level, it was a lot better than the Matcha Brownie from the other day. Matcha tasted strong in my opinion with slight bitterness in it. I wouldn’t say it tasted bittersweet as there was more sweetness than bitterness in it. All in all, this was a decent Matcha Lava Cake!

I wouldn’t mind returning again for it but I am hoping that it will be served without the ramekin so that I could take pictures of the oozing lava effect. LOL!

Geo Eats
No: 13, Simpang: 381,
Jalan Jerudong,
Kampung Jerudong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8271381

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