Review: Chips & Dips

I had finally tried out Chips & Dips last Tuesday evening. I don’t usually go The Mall in within a week or two after payday time as Gadong would be too congested to even bother. Much to my pleasant surprise, Gadong wasn’t as congested as I anticipated and I even managed to get a parking spot in the basement car park of The Mall.

The reason of my visit to The Mall was to pay for my household telephone bill which I had completely forgotten for about two months. Thankfully, my line wasn’t cut off before I came to realize or else i would have to pay extra to bring it back. LOL!

Chips & Dips is located next to where HSBC’s ATM used to be at The Mall. The location where Chips & Dips is at now used to be a marketing company if my memory serves me well. It had either closed down or moved to another location.

Chips & Dips offers three kinds of fries to choose from – shoestring, straight cut and wedges. Their choices of dips are extensive in my opinion. Their Signature Dip is Sour Cream if I am not mistaken. If you like spicy, perhaps you could consider Sze Chuan.

Straight Cut Fries with Pesto Mayo | B$3.50

I had straight cut fries with their Pesto Mayo dip. I prefer straight cut fries to shoestring fries at any time if given the choice. Shoestring fries are store bought frozen ones, if I am not wrong. The fries were freshly fried on the spot upon ordering. Hence, you wouldn’t be getting cold and soggy fries.

The fries did have the crunchy exterior that I am looking for but they weren’t soft enough on the inside. It was still a bit packed in my opinion. The Pesto Mayo dip was good and the portion was just right for me. It tasted of basil but ain’t strong in the beginning. The sauce got sweet eventually as you eat more.

I honestly don’t mind returning next time but I would love to give their wedges a try with the Signature Dip. Have you tried Chips & Dips and what’s your say?

Chips & Dips
G34, The Mall,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8921877


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