Review: Bon Appetit Resto & Cafe

San Diann, Karen from @venturingfoodie and I met up for a foodie outing last Friday evening. It was our first meetup as we had only been interacting via Instagram all the time. When I prompted the question of where to eat, Karen suggested Bon Appetit Resto & Cafe.

Location wise, it wasn’t on the main street but small village roads. We missed the exit on our first attempt and had to make a U-turn. If it wasn’t for Karen, I don’t think I would be going there as it was quite far from where I live. LOL!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the picture of how the restaurant looked like from the outside. These were the only pictures which I had of the restaurant. The restaurant is divided into two parts – indoor playground and restaurant.

Without further ado, let me show you what the three of us had the other evening. The three of us ordered one dish each to share. San Diann ordered a burger, I got pasta while Karen ordered Nasi Bakar.

Black Burger with Fries | B$8.50

As I don’t eat beef, it was only Karen and San Diann who ate the burger. The bun was made of charcoal powder. The burger came with a beef patty, lettuce, cheese and battered deep fried sunny side up.

Texture wise, it didn’t live up to their expectations. According to Karen, the charcoal bun was dense in texture and the beef patty was dry. The fries served on the side was store bought frozen crinkle cuts fries and served along side with tomato ketchup and chili sauce.

Aglio-olio | B$7.50

fresh chili, garlic, olive oil

I ordered the Aglio-olio as it was probably the first thing on the menu which caught my attention. I prefer Aglio-olio over sauce based pasta at any time. Aglio-olio is the safest option for me as both carbonara and bolognese are usually cooked with beef rashers or minced beef.

As I was placing my order for Aglio-olio, the waitress asked if I would like my pasta to be spicy or less spicy and I requested for the ordinary spicy level. The spiciness was no joke. It was very spicy but addictive.

There are three different kinds of pastas to choose from – spaghetti, fettuccine and penne. I requested for spaghetti but got angel hair instead. The pasta was overcooked in my opinion. The garlic bread toasts served on the side was only average. They were crunchy and didn’t taste garlicky enough.

Nasi Bakar (Ayam) | B$5.80

When this was being served, it smelled very aromatic and close to Pulut Panggang sold locally. This was basically soy sauce chicken on top of plain white rice and wrapped in banana leaves. It was then brought to grill. It tasted extremely similar to Lo Mai Gai. The soy sauce chicken tasted sweet to me but acceptable when paired with the blended chilies served on the side.

Verdict: Of all the three dishes that we ordered, I am most satisfied with their Ayam Bakar despite being a little bit sweet for a savory dish. Customer service was generally okay in my opinion. We waited for some time for our bills to come. We resorted to going to the payment counter ourselves when it didn’t come five minutes or so after our requests.

They bake all the breads and cakes in house. Their dessert selections were pretty extensive in my opinion but didn’t look tempting enough. San Diann mentioned that he will return for the other food next time but I don’t think I would be doing so. Food were hit and miss and the location wasn’t ideal either.

Most importantly, the restaurant can get a bit noisy with the indoor playground located inside the restaurant. If you couldn’t stand screaming kids, you might not like the place.

Bon Appetit Resto & Catering
Unit 2 & 3, Bangunan PSI,
Lorong Sharifful Bahri,
Simpang: 355,
Kampung Tungku, Gadong,
BE2118, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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