15092018 / AroiJang Thai Cafe, Labuan

San Diann, Shew Hiang, Shew Min and I were in Labuan yesterday to attend Clara’s wedding dinner. We stayed for the night as the wedding reception was held in the evening. We took the earliest boat from Muara to Labuan. We arrived an hour later and sorted out our return ticket for the next day upon arrival.

We booked Grab to bring us to C Residence Labuan where we would be staying for the night and dropped our luggage at Clara’s serviced apartment as ours will not be available until hours later. We booked another Grab to bring us to AroiJang Thai Cafe.

AroiJang Thai Cafe is a Thai restaurant which I found online and claiming to serve authentic Thai cuisine in Labuan. To be honest, I was rather skeptical when I read the review. How many Thai restaurants are there to begin with for a comparison? The restaurant only starts serving from 11:30AM onward but online review mentioned that it starts serving at 10AM.

You must be thinking why on earth would we go to a Thai restaurant in Labuan when they are plenty in Brunei. Firstly, Shew Hiang is a big fan of Thai food and AroiJang Cafe happened to be one of the highly rated restaurants in the list which I came across online. LOL!

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for lunch at AroiJang Thai Cafe!

Milk Tea Thai | RM6

First of all, this didn’t taste anywhere close to the Iced Cha Yen which I previously had in Brunei. Even the non-Thai restaurants in Brunei did better than this. Furthermore, I regretted requesting for less sugar and ice. It tasted bland and similar to our local version of Teh C Ping.

Tom Yam Chicken (M) | RM17

We had Tom Yam with chicken instead of prawn or seafood as Shew Min is allergic towards both of them. The soup base was spicy but not sour enough. All in all, it was pretty good in our opinion. The chef who took our orders suggested medium portion for the four of us and we still had some leftovers towards the end of our meal.

Som Tam Thai Style | RM12

Som Tam is one of Shew Hiang’s favorite dish in Thai cuisine. Unfortunately, this didn’t live up to her expectation. It was too sweet to begin with and I think they had added a generous amount of sugar. The papaya were not young enough and they had slightly ripen.

To dilute the sweetness, Shew Hiang improvised the dish by adding extra fish sauce and lime juice. Despite adding quite a generous amount of fish sauce, the taste was still off. So, she made do with what she had and finished the entire dish herself. I honestly think that this dish would be better off with spicier to compensate the sweetness?

Stir Fry Spicy Basil Chicken | RM12

This was probably the only dish which I was completely satisfied with as compared to the others. The dish came with minced chicken, basil leaves and long beans. The amount of basil leaves was generous and I loved it! It was spicy in my opinion but it went well with the rice. The gravy was slightly sweet though but the spiciness somehow compensated it.

Pad Thai Chicken | RM12

The four of us agreed that this was the least favored dish among all four dishes. The flat noodles were too oily to begin with. The roasted peanuts served on the side were burnt in some parts and they weren’t roasted properly for the aroma to come out. All in all, it tasted like an ordinary Char Kueh Tiaw minus the charred taste.

AroiJang Thai Cafe
Lot 3, U0234C,
Bangunan Bay,
Jalan Kemajuan,
Bandar Labuan,
Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan 87000,
Tel: +60-168466416


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