15092018 / Mortar Cafe Lounge, Labuan

After lunch at AroiJang Thai Cafe, the four of us took Grab to Mortar Cafe Lounge for our desserts fix. There weren’t much cafes in Labuan based on my findings and Mortar Cafe Lounge is just one of the few.

When I told San Diann about Mortar Cafe Lounge, he mentioned that it was the cafe which Clara got proposed last year. Mortar Cafe Lounge is located in the same building as Lazenda Hotel. The cafe is spacious in my opinion and I think it could at least accommodate 50 diners at the same time based on some rough estimation.

I returned to the cafe the next morning for breakfast before heading back to Brunei. So, I would be compiling two posts into one so that I do not have to repeat the same thing again.

This is how Mortar Cafe Lounge looked like on the outside with old school kind of windows! The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are open as early as 7AM but their menu for breakfast ain’t extensive in my opinion.

These were part of the menu of the cafe which I had. I didn’t had any of their main course aside from Nasi Lemak for breakfast but their Nasi Kerabu looked good on their Instagram profile.

The above pictures showed how the cafe looked on the inside. What I loved about the place is the ample lighting inside the cafe during daytime. I haven’t been there at night so I can’t say much about the lighting. Without further ado, let’s get started with the food pictures!

Darkness Blackforest | RM8.30

This was our personal favourite among all three cakes. The chocolate filling had a mousse alike texture. It was smooth and creamy. Best of all, the sweetness level was spot on in my opinion. The cake was topped with a pitted cherry and some cookie crumbs.

Matcha Chocolate Truffle Layer | RM8.30

Being a huge fan of Matcha, I wouldn’t pass on the chance to try out their Matcha flavored cakes and it turned out to be a let down. First of all, it didn’t taste Matcha at all and the amount of chocolate somehow overpowered the taste of Matcha in the cake.

Shaved chocolates were sprinkled on top of the cake. The truffle layers were made out of cream crackers which I think would be better off if they used Marie biscuits instead? This was solely my own personal opinion. Have anyone of you tried their Matcha flavored cakes and what are your say?

Tiramisu Indulgence | RM8.30

We ordered this as Shew Hiang loves Tiramisu. Shew Hiang even commented that their Tiramisu Indulgence looked good! It was decent enough for her but she personally thought the one from Fleur-de-lys was better. There was coffee taste in the cake but wasn’t strong enough for our liking. The cake came with Oreo cookie base.

Like I mentioned above, I returned to Mortar Cafe Lounge the next morning prior to my return to Muara at 9:30AM. The rest of the gang were only leaving at 11AM hence we didn’t have breakfast together. They were still in their dreamland as I left the serviced apartment.

Hot Milo | RM3.90

Nasi Lemak | RM13.90

The breakfast menu at Mortar Cafe Lounge wasn’t extensive in my opinion. They were serving Laksa too in the morning. I am not sure how well my stomach can take it in coconut milk infused food early in the morning so I gave it a miss. Unlike the regular Nasi Lemak, this one came with three pieces of battered prawns which I personally thought was extra.

The chicken was spiced and deep fried. The chicken was well done but I personally thought that the flavors from the spices weren’t brought out. The chili sambal on the side was different from the ones I was familiar with. It was a lemongrass and chili mixture. It wasn’t sweet and not as spicy as I hoped to be. Sadly enough, the coconut milk infused rice was average in my opinion.

PS: Mortar Cafe Lounge is a Halal restaurant as they serve no pork and liquor. 

Mortar Cafe Lounge
Lazenda Hotel,
Level 1, Block D,
Lazenda Centre,
Jalan OKK Abdullah,
87007, Labuan Federal Territory,
Tel: +60-87580800

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