15092018 / Share Tea, Labuan

When we were dropped off by the Grab driver at C Residence Labuan, we were excited to find out that there is a Share Tea outlet on the ground floor of the building! We even made plans to return in the afternoon after lunch just to hang out and have some bubble milk teas.

After our lunch at AroiJang Thai Cafe and desserts at Mortar Cafe Lounge, we returned to C Residence Labuan to rest before the wedding dinner in the evening. After resting for an hour, San Diann, Shew Hiang and I headed downstairs to Share Tea. Shew Min didn’t join us as she wasn’t feeling so well due to the hot weather.

Share Tea was packed to the brim an hour earlier before these pictures were taken. Aside from selling bubble milk teas, they were also serving some imported Lays and Ruffles chips for about RM16 or more per bag.

Their pearls were selling fast like hotcakes hence we were required to wait for about 20 minutes or so for the mini pearls to be cooked and 50 minutes for the larger sized pearls. To cut short the waiting time, all three of us chose the mini pearls. Texture wise, they were Q and bouncy enough for my liking.

Avocado Cheesecake | RM11.90

Aside from beverages and chips, Share Tea serves cakes too. Selection was limited in my opinion but this Avocado Cheesecake caught our attentions. I had heard of Avocado Cheesecake before but had never tried one myself.

It came with two vanilla flavored sponge layers and sandwiched in between a thick avocado mousse. The avocado mousse was smooth and creamy. What I loved the most of the avocado mousse was that the amount of cheese didn’t overpowered the taste of avocado and we didn’t feel “jelak” when we finished the entire slice. Shew Hiang whom didn’t fancy cakes other than Tiramisu ones complimented this one.

Share Tea Labuan
G23, Paragon Labuan,
Jalan Tun Mustapha,
Labuan, 87000,
Labuan Federal Territory,


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