24092018 / Beanery & Co.

It was my lunar birthday yesterday. To celebrate me being a year older, I got myself a piece of cake with Mom at Beanery & Co.. There were aplenty of choices for cakes in Bandar but we dropped by Kuala Belait since it’s on the way returning to Bandar from Miri. I am not familiar with the routes around KB and used Waze to navigate the ways around KB.

Chai Latte | B$5.50

I already had my dose of coffee at Starbucks Coffee in the morning, I wanted something non-coffee in the afternoon. I asked if they have Chai Tea Latte. They didn’t but offered to make it decaf. So, I had my Chai Latte decaf with skimmed milk. The beverage was dusted with cocoa powder and served with two finger cookies. Their Chai Latte was okay in my opinion but I had better.

Yam Fudge | B$6.50

Don’t be fooled by the pictures! The cake was quite a big piece in reality. The reason why I am posting the second picture of the cake was to show the nicely done rose frosting.

The purple colored frosting came with a mild taste of yam. In the cake was three layers of soft like pillow and cottony sponge cakes sandwiched in between two layers of thick slab yam fillings! The yam filling had a distinctive taste of yam and was made out of the real yam. Mom loved the Yam Fudge but commented that it was a bit on the sweet side though. I would highly recommend their Yam Fudge if you are a big fan of Yam.

They were having Carrot Cake yesterday but we were unable to stomach two cakes at the same time hence we went for the Yam Fudge only. To be honest, it was the Matcha Red Bean Cake which got me to drop by Beanery & Co. yesterday but it was unavailable. Better luck next time maybe?

Beanery & Co.
No: 81 A/1, Ground Floor,
Jalan Bunga Rambai,
Kuala Belait,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-3347772


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